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What makes women choose abortion as an option?


There are lots of communities and certain regions wherein abortion is not endorsed and hence while such is a condition woman can simply order online abortion pills and have a termination with them. As know behind termination there is not only one but many reasons but depending upon the situation women decides whether to continue with the pregnancy or not.

Mother’s health is at risk

While a woman is pregnant there are many of the complications which can raise and hence women’s health is given the top priority. There are many of the women those who face physical or mental health issues and hence are been left with only one option and that is abortion. Some common health issues which can lead to termination are a reproductive tract, high blood pressure situation or suicidal tendencies.

There may be many other problems associated with pregnancy and abortion remains only the which can help to save the life of a woman.

Pregnancy due to rape

Sometimes pregnancy can also be the result of sexual assaults. After the rape women are been treated with guilt or shame and instead of this she must be availed with the reproductive care. In case rape victims are been diagnosed with the pregnancy then abortion is the option which can help them. Crimes such as rape are not been always committed by the outsider and hence it is necessary rape victims are been provided with the accessibility to 24*7 professional guidance.

Childbirth is predicted with disabilities

 While a woman is having pregnancy she must think practically and in case she has a pregnancy with disabilities then she needs to accept it and opt for termination. If the child with disabilities is born then there are chances that the child may not live the life of acceptable quality. During such time if the pregnancy is continued the physical deformations or underdeveloped mental capabilities happens. During such time termination is the best option though the process may get complicated and hence to choose the abortion method you need to consult a healthcare provider.

The social status of women is not stable

Many of the couples get pregnant during an early age and some of them are very young that continuing with the pregnancy doesn’t remain an option for them. Even there are cases wherein women may not be ready for the second child and during such times women do choose abortion. It is always necessary that women do first get stable and then plan whether they want to start a family in the current situation or not.

Pregnancy is unplanned

Unplanned pregnancy is common and to end such pregnancy women do stick to using abortion pills. The unplanned pregnancy can be due to the failure of contraceptive, skipped birth control pill or tearing of the condom. During unplanned pregnancy missed abortion is often the first symptoms which indicate pregnancy.

There are sometimes many of the personal reasons which can affect the decision of women regarding pregnancy and before jumping into conclusion it is necessary that women do seek advice from the healthcare provider.