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10 Commonly Asked Questions about Abortion


It can be a little tough when speaking about such sensitive issues concerning abortion. We can be vocal about our opinions and are entitled to them but we cannot be entitled to facts related to abortion, neither we can change them. There are several queries that a customer faces while planning and choosing to buy MTP kit online for medical abortion or while choosing a surgical abortion.

The following answers to the questions can be really beneficial and helpful in knowing facts and information that will support the customer’s needs and help them choose the best option available.

1)    Is abortion a safe procedure?

If you plan to buy abortion pills online and conduct a medical abortion (home abortion with abortion pills), then mandatory supervision from a healthcare expert is required. It is a safe procedure with 98-99% effective results. The percentage of people experiencing complications with abortion pills is less than 1%. It is very much safe if you follow the instructions carefully before using it.

2)    Who gets an abortion done?

People who generally cannot deal with an unplanned pregnancy opt for abortion. People who face an unexpected pregnancy and do not wish to keep it due to low income, existing child or children, career preferences, educational reasons, etc. buy MTP kit online USA and end their gestation, either in a clinical setting or privately at home. A survey states that at least one in four women, in the United States, gets an abortion done once in her lifetime.

3)    Who generally provides abortion?

Commonly, abortions are provided at clinics. These procedures are strictly conducted by experts who specialize in reproductive healthcare and abortion. It also depends on the method of abortion chosen. A person may as well be recommended to get their abortion done privately at home as per the abortion seeker's preference. Before choosing medication abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills, you must first visit the clinic for a medical examination to understand your gestational age and then get advice on the home abortion procedure. In such cases, it is always best to get it done at a place that has a hospital or clinical service available nearby.

4)    Are medical abortion and emergency contraception different?

Medical abortion and emergency contraception are two very different methods for different purposes.

Emergency Contraception – It is one of the birth control methods used before a woman becomes pregnant. It helps in the prevention of pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. Any sort of birth control will not be useful if used once pregnant. There are several methods of birth control available such as hormonal/birth control pills, intrauterine devices, copper t, condoms, etc.

Medical abortion – Medical abortion is conducted by using abortion pills (Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 800mcg). It benefits if consumed once a woman becomes pregnant and is under the 12 weeks pregnancy duration. If used over 12 weeks, the abortion pills will not be efficient in causing abortion but rather lead to an incomplete abortion.

5)    Who is eligible to use abortion pills?

Abortion pills are strictly to be used for a gestational age of fewer than 12 weeks. Women aged 18 years or above 18 years duration are eligible to get a medical abortion done.

6)    Which age group conducts the maximum number of abortions?

As per recent analysis, it is concluded that most abortions are conducted generally within 20 years to 30 years duration. (The following data is just for reference)

7)    Does abortion cause infertility in women?

Medical abortions have proven to be one of the safest ways to terminate unneeded pregnancies. There is no evidence in the medical history of abortions leading to infertility in women. A woman can still become pregnant if she gets an abortion. In addition, abortion does not cause depression or cancer in women.

8)    Is it safe to buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills online?

The idea to order MTP kit online may make some people uncomfortable or confused. The abortion pill is an important and sensitive healthcare medication that should be obtained from reputed sources. But just to make your decision easier, it is equally safe to get abortion pills from an online source as purchasing them from a clinic or physician in person. To save yourself from scam websites, look for websites that sell medications approved by Food and Drug Administration. Ensure that these abortion pills are from reputed manufacturers. The website provides you with customer care service so you can speak to someone and confirm the legitimacy. In the end, it is always your decision to either buy abortion pills from an offline source or an online source.

9)    Why do people consider abortions later in their pregnancy?

Generally, abortions in 90% of cases are conducted in the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy. The reasons why people get an abortion done in later pregnancy are commonly due to life circumstances that force them to do so, unaware of pregnancy for weeks together, fetal abnormality, and poor knowledge of an appropriate abortion service provider.

10) How much does abortion costs?

It completely depends on the method of abortion. If you choose a medical abortion and get abortion pills online, the pricing would be much cheaper than an offline purchase from a doctor’s office or abortion center. It differs from state to state, the type of shipping that you choose to get your abortion pills delivered through online sources, and the number of medications.

We suggest you have clear communication with your healthcare advisor before proceeding with any abortion-concerning steps.


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