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Ways to calculate your pregnancy days through the pregnancy calculator

How many days exactly is my pregnancy?

It is difficult to know the exact days of your pregnancy, but the approximate days can be known by calculating your LMC (last menstrual cycle). If you are opting for an abortion with the abortion pills you need to remain in your first trimester.  So this is how you calculate your gestation period.

How to calculate my pregnancy?

Recall the first day of your last normal periods or when did your last periods start. If you get the exact date then your first day of your LMC will be calculated as day 1 of your pregnancy. This method is also used by healthcare professionals and your doctor to track the gestation period of your pregnancy.

Why are we emphasizing on the normal periods?

The reason behind this is that during the initial days of pregnancy a woman may face slight bleeding or spotting which is normal but this isn’t the menstrual cycle the women may happen to be pregnant during this time.

  • For example, if we take two girls X and Y
  • where X has periods for 7 days and she has slight bleeding in the first day but heavy bleeding during the middle three days and finally again less during the last days and
  • ‘Y’ has heavy bleeding for only three days and her menstrual cycle lasts for only 5 days.
  • Now in case if X has bleeding for only 3 days that too mild bleeding for only two days then this will not be called as normal periods, as X may be pregnant similarly
  • If Y has periods for 2 days that two slight spotting then this indicates early pregnancy spotting and she must have been pregnant for almost 4 weeks.

What if I fail to remember the first day of my last menstrual cycle?

If you fail to remember the first day of your LMC (last menstrual cycle) then try to remember any event when you were having your periods or any function which you were not able to attend because of your periods. Try remembering at which place where you or with whom were you with during the last menstrual periods.Still, if you fail to remember your first day of your last period then you should get an ultrasound done to confirm the gestation period.

Are there any other methods of calculating the pregnancy?

There is the ovulation date calculation system where women prefer to calculate from their ovulation period which is normally 2 weeks after the first day of last menstrual cycle. This gives more estimated pregnancy duration.

What is the meaning of trimester?

You need to know that a trimester is nothing but three months of your pregnancy. Normally a pregnancy is of 9 months which is divided into slots of 3 months. The first trimester is of first three months i.e. 90 days. 2nd trimester is from the start of the 4th month to the end of the 6th month after this starts the third trimester which starts from the start of the 7th month till the end of the 9 months or till the delivery takes place.