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Mary Keith

Easy to Order and Quick Delivery on May 12 2023 7:11AM

It is a user-friendly and add-free website. The process of ordering the pills was easy. I could fill in the required information, chose my product, shipping method, and payment mode, and my order was placed. I got an invoice in my email. I confirmed my order by emailing them to which they reverted with payment instructions. Their team member guided me by mail with the instructions to pay. Also, my package was delivered on time as expected. It was a good experience and if you are looking to buy Misoprostol Kit online, then there is no better website than this.

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Katie Russell on Oct 18 2020 1:53PM

Don't worry about the pain! I was 6 weeks pregnant, and I ordered for Misoprostol, and before taking the 4 pills orally, I took 1 promethazine and 2 Aleve pills. Cramps began after 30 mins. Compared to regular periods, the cramps and bleeding were heavier but bearable. I used a heating pad for the first hour, and this helped me a lot. I bled heavy for 3-5 days and had a light flow for a week after. I had diarrhea, and my husband helped me with juices. I recommend you take the pills on a day off, while you are at home without any commitments. I had purchased Misoprostol from, and I'm very much happy with the services. The delivery of pills was on time, and the transaction via Transferwise was very secure. Thank you team!

A chance so successful

Christie on Sep 29 2018 4:01PM

I was a bit dicey about my abortion with this misoprostol pill and I was taking a chance if it worked or I had to go to the clinic but it actually worked and I just got it confirmed with my ultrasound.

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Lovely on Sep 7 2018 1:51AM

I felt that my stomach was churning after I took this pill. It bleeded too much but finally I could get through the pain and every problem was settled.

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Claire on May 19 2018 6:49AM

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