Worried of abortion side-effects buy abortion pill pack online


Hassle Free Transactions

Mary johannes on Jul 29 2023 4:16PM

This is the second time I placed order as I got my product earlier. Hassle free transactions and you guys update my order details time to time.

Good abortion pill pharmacy

Jessie Simpson on Jul 18 2023 4:16PM

Amazing customer care service, everyday I had my parcel tracking updates. Over all very good abortion pill pharmacy.

Good website to buy abortion pills

Michela Brandon on Jul 1 2023 4:15PM

Good website to buy from. Great services!!

Discreet Packaging. Excellent service without ANY hassle

Christina Brown on Jun 17 2023 7:04AM

My buying journey was no less than a roller coaster. I was in the 10th week of my pregnancy. I was not able to take a decision on what should I do and that’s why I passed weeks just like that. I went to the doctor to understand the pros and cons and she explained to me how it’s a safe process. In no time I placed an order here but I accidentally ordered on my office address. By the time I realized, the parcel was already shipped. I was in constant touch with the team so that I could just be out of the office gate and pick up the parcel but they assured me of the discreet packaging. My parcel arrived on the date mentioned in tracking and it came in brown packaging which was simple and no name of the website or product was showcased on it. Very thankful to the team for their prompt responses and for being an excellent help.

Abortion was successful

Jane Terry on Jun 9 2023 7:45AM

I have already used abortion pills 2 years back. I did buy abortion pills online in two packs but the website was fake and the pills were not legit. I was badly fooled and my health deteriorated. I had to visit a clinic and get everything done through surgery. It was the worst phase of my life. I did end up in an unwanted pregnancy again but surgery was not on my list. They didn’t seem sketchy so I ordered 1 abortion pills kit. The package arrived on the expected date. I did follow the consumption protocol as my doctor instructed. The procedure went out to be exactly how it should have been. I bled for a few days and after an ultrasound confirmation, I was assured that my pregnancy was successfully passed. I was super scared but now very confident. Thank you for really existing.

Successful Abortion without any hesitation

Judy Harris on Jun 1 2023 7:45AM

I was suggested by the doctor that the four Misoprostol pills can be taken either through the vaginal route or the buccal route. I decided to go with the buccal route because I have never inserted any pills through my vagina and it sounded weird but the doctor informed me that it’s highly efficient so you may try it if you know it. Through the buccal route, I was supposed to place two abortion pills on each side of the cheek pouch. I had to let them sit there for 30 minutes and ensure they dissolved up to some extent. After that, I consumed water and took the leftovers in. The pills started to show their effects of cramps and bleeding after about 5 hours. My experience with the pills was good and effective.

My pregnancy was flushed successfully

Brittney Huber on May 26 2023 7:44AM

I am writing out of personal experience but understand that it can be different for others. So, I did buy abortion pills online and I took Mifepristone first from the pack of 5 medicines and I felt absolutely nothing. The second set of pills was supposed to be taken buccally as informed by the doctor so I followed the advised protocol. The intensity of cramps in my abdomen was so much worse. I was also bleeding a lot. I just thought I might faint out of weakness but I kept sipping water and some vitamins so the blood loss didn’t affect me much. Well, the bleeding stopped after 4 days. I rushed to the clinic after 3 weeks as the doctor said. My follow-up check-up confirmed my pregnancy was flushed successfully. You should opt for a medical abortion only when you are mentally and physically ready to take that pain.

Little Pain but worth enough to get rid of Pregnancy

Johanna Williams on May 18 2023 7:43AM

To be very honest, when I first purchased from here, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure about using these pills from here. I also contacted my doctor for precise consumption information. When I first decided to use them, it was nighttime. I used it on Tuesday night and slept. There was a little discomfort at night but I was able to sleep. I experienced spotting but no bleeding. After one complete day, I took the remaining four Misoprostol pills buccally as advised. Well, within an hour of taking them, I started bleeding insanely. There was unbearable pain and I had to take pain relievers to ease it. The bleeding stopped after 4 days. My 9 weeks pregnancy was terminated successfully with these abortion pills. It was a good idea to buy abortion pills from here.

Easiest way to abort pregnancy

Josephine Bradley on May 10 2023 7:42AM

I got pregnant for the first time. There were mixed emotions along with this pregnancy because I was neither happy nor sad. I just started my career and pregnancy was not on my list. I and my husband mutually decided to get this pregnancy terminated. I was quite depressed but had to get it done. We visited the doctor to confirm the pregnancy age which was 4 weeks. I immediately had to buy abortion pills online and found this pharmacy reliable. They got my package delivered quickly and I started the process immediately too. Everything went as expected. With a lot of pain and effort finally, the doctor confirmed through an ultrasound that my pregnancy was out of my system. I am still not very happy but we did what was needed. This pharmacy was of great help. Prompt and reliable.

Quick Delivery!

Rosy Smith on May 2 2023 7:42AM

It was my first-time purchase from an online pharmacy and so far, it all went well. Let me just put this here that make sure you choose their overnight shipping because it is lightning fast and gets your product delivered in just 2 days from the date of shipment. I ordered on a Thursday and my package was with me on Saturday, it was that quick. I recommend anyone reading this to buy abortion pills online from them. They are also running some discounts so do check out.

No longer pregnant. Great customer service

Marie Barnett on Apr 29 2023 7:37AM

My head was filled with so much pressure and I was just hoping it all ended soon. Although I was just 4 weeks pregnant, I was very nervous. I took off from work for 4-5 days and immediately used the Mifepristone from the kit that was delivered. Later after 2 days I took Misoprostol, you may also have it after a gap of 1 day. The secondary four pills surely caused cramps and bleeding much more than I see during my periods. Eventually, everything subsided and the procedure came to an end with the doctor's confirmation that I was no longer pregnant.

Cheaper than an offline purchase

Kelly Lee on Apr 21 2023 7:30AM

I would suggest you buy abortion pills online because they are cheaper than an offline purchase. I visited one of the providers on the outskirts of the city. He was charging an amount higher than my monthly pay cheque. I researched for 2 days and here I am. This website was very helpful with the overall process of order placement and paying for the pills. The customer care service runs 24/7 so I could mail them up anytime needed. The delivery time is less and trust me the pills are legit.

Terminated pregnancy sucessfully

Lisa Thomas on Apr 13 2023 7:29AM

I was bleeding for continuous two days and found it quite abnormal. I was so confused and scared that I was instantly rushed to the hospital. I really thought the pills were not good enough and didn’t work like it should. On reaching the hospital, I was examined and told that it was quite normal and should subside in some days. After a week, the bleeding stopped and there was just spotting. At last, the procedure ended which was confirmed by an ultrasound test in the clinic.

Reliable website to buy abortion pills

Stephanie Wilson on Apr 5 2023 7:28AM

It is a reliable website for your trusted abortion pills. The website has different modes of shipping from normal to express shipping which makes it so convenient to get your package as per convenience. What I also loved about the website is its different modes of payment. It was so easy to pay as I could select from the number of payment options. It also has a number of customer testimonials so you can read about people’s experiences and order for yourself like I did. Thank you for existing.

Ordering was easy and delivery was timely

Jessica Paul on Mar 27 2023 7:27AM

I am very thankful that I got all the required information readily here. I was so confused while reading online on different websites with unclear and invalid information. When I first saw this website, I was stunned to see how they have managed to share so many blogs with precise abortion information, reviews, and even customer-friendly policies. It was a trusted purchase for sure. This is a highly recommended website too.

Great / Speedy service. Legit product.

Lindsay Castro on Mar 17 2023 7:24AM

They really pay full attention to their customers. I was informed about the pills and their mechanism because I had queries related to same. It was all the necessary and helpful information. They also told me the product’s manufacturer before I could buy abortion pills online from them. The packet was delivered home and I had to sign and receive it since my mailbox was broken. Very happy with the discreet packaging of abortion pills as well. I will refer you to anyone in my circle who needs it.

It hurts but works 100%

Nicole Walker on Mar 5 2023 7:22AM

I took the first step of Mifepristone consumption in the clinic itself. I did not experience any bad symptoms until I came home and took the other four tablets of Misoprostol after 24 hours. It is a little hard to describe but I felt sluggish and nauseous for a few hours and later went through bleeding more than a menstrual cycle. It was not a bad experience. The bleeding lasted for a few days. You should keep a stock of large menstrual pads as they are much needed at these times.

Easy to use and order pills

Debra Ramirez on Feb 26 2023 7:20AM

A lot of online information does not emphasize knowing the pregnancy duration to understand the pain intensity. Someone who is 2-4 weeks pregnant can expect lesser pain and bleeding. Whereas someone who is more than 5 weeks pregnant is likely to experience abdominal contractions and bleeding much more than your regular menstrual cycle. I have personally experienced this and also read it on most genuine online abortion information websites.

On time delivery with discreet packaging

Barbara Nelson on Feb 16 2023 7:19AM

I fell for some negative reviews online not realizing that every medication has some pros and cons. Since it was important for me to get this procedure done at home at the earliest, I took the chance. My package was delivered home in 2 days via overnight shipping service. I was given a set of instructions to consume the pills. I followed it as it is and also took some help from my local provider. The procedure lasted 8-9 days. I’m in relief now after experiencing the expected results.

Great products as well as service!

Candice Miller on Feb 2 2023 7:18AM

Do not rely on the awful reviews you see online. There are some rare cases when the pills might not work as expected. I was worried too before consuming the abortion pills. I did go through the bad cramps and bleeding and it was almost unbearable but yes it all ended after 2-3 days. It lasts only for a short period. At least abortion pills are better than going through invasive ways. I’m honestly happy with my purchase here.