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Julie Jenkins on Jul 26 2020 9:40AM

Thank you Genericabortionpills.com team for Overnight shipment and secure payment modes. Thanks for allowing me to make payment through Transferwise, it helped me make payment through the debit card. And the best part was I got the tracking details within 24 hrs after making the payment.I got my abortion pills within a day, and I took Mifepristone on the same day. The next day, at the same time I took Misoprostol. After about 15 min I started bleeding heavily and the cramps intensified. I took a hot shower and after an hour, passed big clots, soon slowly the pain decreased. I took ibuprofen throughout the day and rotated Tylenol. Rest, heat pads, pain killers would give great relief. All the best!

Genuine Pharmacy To Buy Abortion Pills

Euna Isabel on Jul 24 2020 9:37AM

Most of the time, the reviews freak you out, but each woman is different. I was around 6 weeks. I took Ibuprofen 800mg and later after an hour took Misoprostol pills in my cheeks. I had no nausea and no vomiting. Light cramping began within an hour and passed a clot the width of a golf ball. The pain was similar to periods, and after the clot passed out, the cramps and pain decreased. I have passed many smaller clots since day 2, with period cramps coming and going. I haven't even soaked a maxi pad, it used to come in waves and usually passed when I was on the toilet. Everyone is different so just relax! Everything will be okay! I was lucky to get the pills within a day from Genericabortionpills.com. They have a wide range of payment modes for secure payments. If one is choosing medical abortion, purchase pills from Genericabortionpills.com.

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Zetta Evans on Jul 22 2020 9:35AM

I am 20 years old and I was 6 weeks and 4 days when I had my ultrasound. I wanted the process to be private at home, so I ordered for abortion pills at Genericabortionpills.com. I received pills within 2 days. I took Mifepristone at noon, and the next day at the same time, I took Misoprostol, but 30 minutes before taking Misoprostol, I took 800mg of ibuprofen and 10mg of compazine. After an hour I started to bleed and the cramps came on hard and fast. The pain was so intense I decided to get in the shower. Those 45 minutes when the bleeding started, the pain was very intense. Later the cramps and bleeding became lighter and very mild. A week later at my follow up appointment everything worked out. If you can pull through 30 minutes of heavy cramping, you will be fine! I hope this helps someone who feels nervous. You can count on Genericabortionpills.com for the fast delivery of pills and excellent payment modes i.e TRANSFERWISE. All the best girls.

Best Online Pharmacy For Abortion Pills

Bria Hartley on Jul 20 2020 9:22AM

Unlike others, who felt nothing after the first pill, it was horrible for me. I had severe nausea after taking the first pill, I vomited, and with great difficulty took the second round of pills after 28 hours. I put the 4 pills in my cheeks for 30 min then washed down with water. Before that, I took Naproxen and Tylenol. Soon within an hour, I started bleeding, passed a few clots in the toilet the size of a lime. It wasn’t as painful as I anticipated. Felt just like a period. And I had kept heat bags, all day long. Painkillers & heating pads were essential! The right set of abortion pill packs are very important in this process. I recommend Genericabortionpills.com for it. Genericabortionpills.com is the best online pharma for abortion pills, and they also offer a wide range of payment modes. Try and create an account on TRANSFERWISE and avail good offers. Good luck ladies.

Great Help To Terminate Pregnancy

Winnifred Sullivan on Jul 18 2020 9:10AM

The abortion was a big experience for me, I had intense pain for 3.5 hours, after inserting the 4 pills into the vagina. The cramps and pain were excruciating, and I lay on the bathroom floor, unable to move. Saying all this, the pain was very short-lived and soon the bleeding decreased and so did the cramps. My friends had suggested Ibuprofen, and I kept a hot water bag, and slowly the pain faded. I did feel fairly weak and tired on the whole day, but back to normal in 2 days. Choose the best abortion pills from Genericabortionpills.com, and get additional discounts for opening an account on new payment modes like TRANSFERWISE. Abortion is a huge thing, plan, and be prepared to bear the pain, all the very best!

Best Medical Abortion

Amanda Smith on Jul 15 2020 9:04AM

I've had 3 medical abortions and the pain varied each time but I threw up every time. It is important to choose a good abortion pill pack. And please know that unless you have some strong medicine like Ibuprofen, you'll still feel the pain from the contractions. On the brighter side, the pain lasts for about 2 to 3 hours. I couldn't think of surgical abortion so opted for abortion pills. Privacy was also one of my main concerns. I would like to thank Genericabortionpills.com for the fast delivery of pills. A special thanks to the support team for getting me through the payment, and introducing me to TRANSFERWISE. Choose the right pills and all the best ladies, stay strong!!!

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Kristen Brown on Jul 11 2020 1:07PM

I made a purchase using Transferwise which is a famous and genuine payment mode. If you have enough time for 10 weeks then go for express shipping which took me almost 13 working days for my order to arrive. If you are in hurry go for overnight shipping ladies, rest all the factors from Genericabortionpills.com is very good.

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Kacie Goodman on Jul 10 2020 1:03PM

I tried buying Abortion Pill Pack from other pharmacy and they never returned to me after I made a payment, during this struggle I made an effort to buy pills from this Genericabortionpills.com, I got lucky, this is legit for purchasing abortion pills. I will definitely recommend this pharmacy.

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Connie Griggs on Jul 8 2020 1:01PM

Best part of this pharmacy is easy to place an order, valid tracking details, easy payments, you are well informed with your order details and tracking details at any point in time.

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Crystal Waston on Apr 11 2020 9:37AM

Glad you guys shipped my product in discreet packing, great offers were given and overnight shipping is so great as this is a time-sensitive scenario. Due to overnight shipping, I was able to receive my product on 2nd day of ordering an abortion pill pack which was highly needed.

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Elizbeth Smith on Apr 5 2020 8:37AM

Hey I got a 10% discount on my order for using TRANSFERWISE payment option which is just awesome. You guys provide great services I must agree with that. Also thanks for the overnight shipping. I got the tracking immediately and the parcel arrived on the third day.

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Natosha Jacobs on Mar 27 2020 7:37AM

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ashley cutts on Oct 23 2019 11:37AM

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Sylvia on Jul 13 2019 1:28PM

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Lau Santoro on Jan 16 2019 1:38AM

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Danelia on Oct 30 2018 4:29PM

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Daniel on Oct 16 2018 5:24PM

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Leena jones on Sep 20 2018 1:43PM

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