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After FDA approved the use of misoprostol for termination of pregnancy it was widely used for getting an abortion, women preferred to buy cytotec to terminate a pregnancy in their first trimester. This misoprostol ingredient is also present in cytotec which is famously used for pregnancy termination.


CYTOTEC 200mcg
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What are the contains of this cytotec pill?

This cytotec pill contains the active ingredients as misoprostol which is water soluble as well as vicious in nature. The inactive ingredients present in the cytotec pill are hydrogenated castor oil, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. These cytotec oral tablets are a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog that contains either 100mcg or 200 mcg of misoprostol.

How does cytotec work?                                             

Cytotec that contains the key ingredient misoprostol and being uterotonic in nature has a unique way of working; it augments uterine contractions. It dilutes the entire pregnancy tissue and the cervix mucus and also widens the cervix so that the entire pregnancy tissue is expelled out in the form of vaginal blood. In man, it has the mucosal cytoprotective property that helps in treating stomach ulcers.

How many pills of cytotec are required for abortion?

If you are in your 1st trimester only then you can take the cytotec tablets for getting an abortion. You will require 12 pills of cytotec to get the abortion done smoothly.

What are the pro-abortion steps with Cytotec?

 If you have planned to get a medical abortion then you should first get an ultrasound done so that you can know what your pregnancy type is. Your pregnancy needs to be uterine in order to get an abortion with abortion pills, it doesn’t work on ectopic pregnancy. The reason is this because ectopic pregnancy takes place in the fallopian tube and that abortion pills only work in the uterus.

When should I not take cytotec?                                                                                                                 

You should not take cytotec when you are not above 18 years of age or not below the age of 35. In this case, we do not recommend you to take the abortion pills at home you can take them in the health clinic under the guidance of a medical expert. Anyone suffering from any allergies with the postglandalins should avoid using it. Not recommended for treating stomach ulcers if the women are pregnant. You should not take these pills if you are suffering from any problem such as cardiovascular problem or angina do not take this abortion pills if you suffer from the problem of liver diseases or intrauterine disorders, or suffering from abnormal bleeding disorders.

How should I take the doses of cytotec?

This termination pills works best when slowly mixed with blood so we suggest you to take the pills sublingually, where the pills are kept under the tongue and allowed to dissolve completely. You have to start with 4 pills of cytotec at a time, all the pills should be taken under the tongue and allowed it to dissolve. You can drink water after the pills have dissolved say half an hour later. After 3 hours again take the next 4 pills of cytotec in the same manner by keeping it under the tongue and allowing it to dissolve. Finally, after again 3 hours you can take the remaining 3 pills of misoprostol in exactly the same way like you have taken the previous doses, but remember to allow the pills to dissolve and only then you can take the misoprostol pills. You can buy cytotec more 4 pills in case you find the dosage was not sufficient to get an abortion.


Oral absorption has been reported to be rapidly and extensively metabolized to free acids, after administration of the first dosage the peak plasma concentration of this acid occurs within 12 to 15 minutes.

The effects of cytotec have not been seen with serum prolactin, gonadotropins, TSH, GH, thyroxin, cortisol, creatinine or uric acid.

Normally this has to be administered with non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs,

What shouldn’t I do after taking the cytotec pills?                                  

After you have taken the cytotec pills you should not involve into any physical work for at least 2 days and in these 2 days, you have to stay in rest as much as possible. After 2 days you can start movements but do not involve into strenuous activity as these have chances of rupturing your uterus. You should not even eat any spicy or junk foods and stay on a light meal to prevent from indigestion.

You shouldn’t involve into sexual activity till 4 weeks to avoid any inflammation in your vagina.

Do not use menstrual cups or tampons during the entire time or you will have bleeding. Do not take grapefruit in any form during your abortion as this increase the vaginal bleeding and also alters the efficacy of the medication.

You shouldn’t wear an IUD and take the abortion pills as this will intensify your pelvic pain.


The toxic doses of Cytotec have not been determined in case of humans through a cumulative dose of 1600 mcg can be tolerated in the body. Though the acute toxic doses can be depression of central nervous system, renal tubular necrosis, testicular atrophy, respiratory difficulty gastrointestinal lesions focal cardiac necrosis, hepatic necrosis, symptoms can be easily treated with supportive therapies.

Side-effects occurred with this prostaglandin

Women who received cytotec under the clinical trials face the following gynecological problems that are spotting (0.7%), hypermenorrhea (0.5%) menstrual disorder (0.3%). Women receiving Cytotec post menopause to treat stomach ulcers also suffered from vaginal bleeding.                                                                                                                                        

If abortion is not successful then what should I do?

If you do not get an abortion successful then you should go and get the abortion done through a surgical procedure. You should not think of continuing the pregnancy as this will lead to an invalid birth. You should not think of continuing the dose of Cytotec pills on your own if your abortion is not successful as this will lead to an overdose of your medication.

How to know if abortion is successful with prostaglandin is successful or not?

To confirm your abortion you can get an ultrasound done after 2 weeks and urine test only after 4 weeks.

 If you are in a hurry and do it earlier than this time then you may not get the right results and get your results for pregnancy as positive.

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I had very negative point of view on medical abortion but then, this pill made it soo easy for me to go through such a hard time. Thankyou for the wonderful product and perfect services.

Amazing for 1st trimester abortion

Being a doctor I normally use Cytotec for getting an abortion and this has also helped me this time when I needed this during my 1st trimester unknown pregnancy.

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This pill is worthy of having an abortion. I have faced a lot of cramps but it actually worked and I did not have to wait for long to worry for my pregnancy

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