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Ovral or lo ovral is a contraceptive pill that is taken orally, which contains 28 pills to be taken regularly. This pill is can also be altered to 21 days dosage according to choice. These pills do not safeguard from any sexually transmitted diseases or from HIV AIDS. You can buy ovral online also if you are planning for a safer method of abortion.


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Description of Ovral

This contraceptive pill is a combination of a progestational compound called norgestrel and the estrogenic compound known as ethinly estradiol. This pill contains in total 28 capsules where 21 capsules are white and the rest 7 capsules are pink in colors which are also known as the placebo pills. Each white capsule contains the active ingredient norgestrel which is of 0.3mg and ethinyl estradiol of 0.03mg along with inert ingredients.

The inert ingredients present in the pink placebo pills are polacrilin potassium, magnesium stearate, lactose, D&C red 30, and cellulose.

What is the action mechanism of ovral

The chances of being pregnant are lowered by the (COCs) combined oral contraceptives by restricting the process of ovulation. There are also changes found in the cervical mucus and change in the endometrial tissues where the cervical mucus thickens so that the sperms find it difficult to pass and reach the eggs for fertilization. The endometrial tricks in a way so that the implantation does not take place.

A clinical test of Ovral

The study has been conducted on 1,287 women of age group 15- 40 years old have found that out of 100 women-years of use there are chances of 1 pregnancy. This test was conducted on the female of reproductive potential.

What are the contraindications of ovral?

Before you order ovral online you need to be  cautious about a few issues that can react with this COCs

  • This COC has a high contraindication with cigarette smoking and cardiovascular ailments as cigarette smoking along with COCs increases the risk of serious cardiovascular disorders which increases beyond the age of 35. So it is strictly prohibited to use COCs if you are habitual of smoking cigarette.
  • You should not start with the ovral contraception if you are suffering from any of the following disorders.
  • Suffering from arterial or venous thrombotic diseases like thrombosis or pulmonary embolism whether suffering now or had in the past.
  • Suffering from a cerebrovascular disease or coronary artery disease
  • Suffering from subacute bacterial endocarditis also known as valvular or thrombogenic rhythm disease of the heart
  • Suffering from uncontrolled hypertension
  • Having any vascular disease or suffering from diabetes mellitus.
  • Women above the age of 5 and suffering from migraine headaches
  • Suffering from any tumors in the liver or in the renal area whether benign or malignant
  • Suffering from undiagnosed abnormal bleeding of uterine
  • Suffering from any estrogen or progestin specific cancer
  • Having an allergy to any of the components both active as well as inert components.

What are the warnings and when to stop using ovral

  • Stop using ovral when you start facing thromboembolic disorder whether arterial thrombotic or venous thromboembolic. (VTE)
  • You need to stop this contraceptive if you suffer from any unexplained loss of vision
  • If you are ahead of any major surgery you need to stop taking of the contraceptive 4 weeks before and at least till 2 weeks after surgery if not more.
  • If you had an abortion or had a delivery then you should start with the contraceptive-only after 4 weeks as the likely risk of ovulation starts only after 4 weeks while within this week the VTE decreases after the third postpartum week.
  • Stop using ovral when suffering from acute liver hepatitis, or severe liver cirrhosis. Discontinue the usage of this pill if jaundice develops.
  • This contraceptive is contraindicated for women who are suffering from benign or malignant liver tumors.
  • Ovral should be stopped as soon as the woman is diagnosed with high blood pressure problems which increase the incidence of hypertension with increasing quantities of progestin.

What are the drug reactions of lo ovral

You need to avoid any medications that decrease the plasma level of ovral as this will decrease the plasma concentration and the efficacy of the COCs to control pregnancy

Medications for the treatment of fungal infections like ketoconazole, fluconazole, or itraconazole may increase the plasma hormone concentrations.

It also effects if taken with other contraceptives or other hormonal contraceptives along with this medication.

What are the side-effects of ovral?

The side-effects are rare and have hardly seen to occur but there are chances of it occurring in few instances like serious vascular events or stroke, liver disease, irregular uterine bleeding, nausea, breast tenderness, headache.

A few other adverse reactions are changes in weight, acne, vaginal discharge, increases in appetite or loss of appetite, depression, nervousness, fatigue abdominal pain, cramps, and bloating.

What are the results of overdosage?

There are no suspected serious ill-effects that have been reported in case of overdosage. But it may cause withdrawal bleeding in females and nausea.

What is the dosage administration process?

First cycle use

If this contraceptive is used for the first cycle then it should be started exactly on the first day of the menses and then continued exactly for 28 days. The first 21 days are the hormonal pills while the next 7 are the inert pills which can be disposed of if the woman wishes to have a dosage structure of 21 days.

If the dosage structure is taken for 21 days then the next pack of 28 days should start exactly after 7 days complete or exactly on the same date as the 1st contraceptive cycle was started.

How to manage missed tablets?

If you have missed one pill in a row then you can take this pill as soon as you remember the dosage you can also take it along with the next scheduled dosage. If you have missed 2 pills in a row then you need to take one dosage with the next scheduled dosage and then keep on taking one pill regularly until 21 days complete. You need to throw away the leftover pills with the placebo pills and start a new course the very next day. You may miss your periods during this month.

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