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What is an Abortion?

If you are surfing through these pages then this question must have been your most hunted search. If you go through the literary meaning you will definitely get the answer as termination of unwanted pregnancy but at we have strived to give you the best possible information about abortion so that you can get a smooth and normalize abortion. Abortion is actually an intended form of ending the pregnancy during the early pregnancy days.

What is early pregnancy?

  • Early pregnancy is normally the first trimester of your pregnancy days where we suggest abortion to be the safest. The first trimester includes the days when your pregnancy is just 12 weeks old. Normally women identify their pregnancy in the first month after they have missed their first period.
  • And so your pregnancy days are counted from the first day of your last period.

 Having An Abortion

Why do we suggest on getting an abortion during early pregnancy days?

  • Now early pregnancy is the time when you have just missed your first or your second period and your body is just in the stage of developing your uterus to support the fetus for its formation and development. The embryo at this moment is not completely formed and it doesn’t have a firm hold on the uterus lining. This is the reason why miscarriages occur the most during the first trimester.
  • During your first trimester, the only noticeable part of your pregnancy is the gestational sac which resembles a drop of water like the size of a grape and the embryo is still microscopic. Abortion during this period will not affect you emotionally and neither too much physically.

Is early pregnancy abortion easy?

Yes,  if have opted for abortion then this time is the most suitable time as, during this time the pregnancy parts have not formed, the condition of early pregnancy days is similar to the later menstrual days. During your menstrual cycle you happen to shed the menstrual lining and during early pregnancy, this lining thickens to be known as decidua. If you abort during this time your deciduas break down and so it is also a replica of bringing down your period in a heavier form.

What are the different methods of abortion?

  • Normally there are two methods of abortion the surgical abortion and the medical abortion both the abortions are equally safe and secure during the first trimester. The efficacy levels are also the same in both the cases but surgical abortion includes scraping of the uterus and anesthesia which is not suggested as this may crop unnecessary issues.
  • WHO has approved the method of using abortion pills and the procedure of aspiration abortion to be the safest non-surgical form of abortion.

What are the abortion pills?

Abortion pills are the termination pills that help to have a natural abortion by creating a condition in the body same as a miscarriage. FDA has endorsed two types of abortion pills for abortion the mifepristone pill and the misoprostol pill. Both these pills are sold under various brand names which are equally safe and worthy of terminating pregnancy individually. Likewise RU486 a brand name for mifepristone is being used in Europe by women to terminate a pregnancy for almost 2 decades. Similarly, Mifeprex is also a mifepristone pill, for misoprostol we also have Cytotec.

How do these abortion pills work?

Both the abortion pills can be taken at home to terminate the pregnancy but on different days. The mifepristone pill is the anti-progestin pill that inhibits the pregnancy hormones that is progesterone and the estrogen necessary for the development of the fetus. The misoprostol pills create contractions and dilute the cervix so that the entire pregnancy part is expelled out in the form of vaginal discharge. These misoprostol pills shed the decidua that has been formed during the first trimester.

Who can take abortion pills?

  • You can take abortion pills only if your pregnancy is uterine which you can confirm by getting an ultrasound done. In case of ectopic pregnancy ( tubal pregnancy) you need to get a surgical abortion done. ( Ectopic pregnancy is a method where the embryo gets implanted in the fallopian tube).
  • Your pregnancy duration should be within 10 weeks. Remember to remove any IUD device if you are using.

How to take the abortion pills?

The two abortion pills are taken on different days starting off with the first abortion pill that is mifepristone. Most of the time women start facing spotting after the first ingestion of the abortion pill. This normally happens when the pregnancy days are within 7 weeks ( counting begins from the first day of your last period) in case if spotting doesn’t occur the second set of misoprostol pills are administered. Normally both the pills together give a more confirmed abortion than taking any one of the abortion pills.

What are the side-effects that you will face?

The abortion pills are supposed to give you some intended side-effects. Abortion pills will lead to vaginal bleeding that will vary from scant to moderate, you can call it a heavier period bleeding. Abdominal cramps is also a common side-effect whilst some women do face nausea and vomiting. Other uncommon side-effects are rashes on the skin, too much hair fall, changes in weight, leaking nipples, sore breasts etc.

How long will the side-effects effects remain?

The abdominal pain lasts up to 4-5 hours though it might even last for 6-8 hours in case of intense pain.The vaginal bleeding lasts up to 14 days or more with scanty bleeding and spotting after 10 days

How to tackle the side-effects?

In order to absorb bleeding keep ample sanitary-pads or maxi pads to absorb the discharge, but do not use menstrual cups or tampons. Take a blood coagulation pill to restrict excessive flow. For abdominal pains and fever, we suggest you to take ibuprofen so that the intensity of pain decreases but this dose should not exceed 2500 mg in 24 hours. In case you feel nauseous and vomiting take an anti-emetic pill.

What if the side-effects aggravate and how to understand that?

If your side - effects are not controlled by any of the pills then you should immediately report to the doctor. In case of bleeding if 2 maxi-pads gets absorbed in an hour it’s abnormal if you pass clots larger than a lemon size it’s abnormal, if your fever doesn’t decrease 4 hours after taking the anti-inflammatory pill then you need to go to the doctor urgently. Few cases if you have a smelly vaginal discharge then you should check with your doctor as this can be a symptom of vaginal infections.

What if you do not get an abortion with pills?

  • In case you do not bleed or the abortion is incomplete you should turn to the doctor for an aspiration procedure. This procedure is safe and doesn’t include anesthesia or scraping of the uterus.
  • You should make sure that you do not continue a pregnancy after taking the abortion pills whether your abortion is successful or not as this will lead to invalid birth or deformed baby in future.

What not to do after abortion?

  • After an abortion do not indulge in strenuous activities. Avoid having sex for 14 days to avoid any inflammation in the vagina. Make sure just after your abortion is successful you talk to the doctor regarding the birth control method and opt for the best method.
  • Get an ultrasound done after 14 days or a urine test after one month to confirm the abortion.