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liamy on Jul 20 2018 3:48PM

I was 9 weeks pregnant when i ordered 2 MTP kits and I was too worried about the delivery but in arrived on the fourth day of my delivery and this was really unexpected!

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Kristen on Jul 18 2018 6:22PM

I had an abortion with this MTP kit. This was painful and I did have a lot of bleeding. Thankfully I did not have to visit the doctor and got my abortion done.

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Fenny joseph on Jul 8 2018 12:42PM

My friend and my sister both used this abortion and this time it was me who used it and I found this to be very secure, safe and self happening.

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Mayhem jane on May 29 2018 7:56AM

This kit is very amazing as this gives all the benefits of having an abortion sitting at home. I seriously felt it to be perfect.

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Alexis on May 19 2018 10:46PM

Thanks for your offer on purchase of 2 MTP KITS.

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Zoey on May 17 2018 9:34AM

I never felt I can help myself for termination with this abortion kit. I felt so amazed.