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If your wondering if it works and if it's real

Lori Ann on Feb 10 2022 9:34AM

They work. And fast. I had my doubts so I did alot of research on alot of sites and ended up choosing this one. The steps to purchase made me a little nervous but I took a chance and it paid off. Just make sure you check your email and follow directions. I'm in Texas so I don't want to give to many details but I made the purchase on the 31st of Jan, paid the express shipping, and received the pills via usps on the 8th of Feb. I took the first pill on the 8th at noon and I let the other 4 pills dissolve in my mouth at 4pm for 30min on the 9th. They taste awful but you can insert them if you prefer. I started spotting at 5:30 and I passed the fetus at 6:30. I was 9 weeks. It's not easy to cope and I really suggest having someone there with you. Also I would google what it will look like when it comes out in advance so your prepared for what your gonna see. Hope this helps and whoever is reading this...your not alone, and your going to be okay.

Greatful & amazing team here to help a young woman like YOU.

EMJP on Jan 20 2022 10:02PM

I’m sure we all know how hard this can be. And look no further than this website. They are absolutely here to help you get this kit as fast as they can. I was a nervous wreck and they emailed me back so fast even when I answered with another fearful annoying question. They reassured me everything will be fine and to be strong and it really was. I order this kit with express shipping. I ordered on a Thursday and it came the next Tuesday, I took the first pill around noon and waited 24 h to take the other four about 1:30 the next day. They melted in mouth slightly and had no taste beside a chalky melt. Waited more than 30 mins before I swallowed them and laid in bed with TV. Within 45 mins I could feel my abdomen start Harding. Cramps were def on the way and as time increased so did the amount of painful cramps.. however they did make have to use the bathroom to #2, with the intense cramps, hot and cold chills would come and go and yes it was miserable. I went back to bed and laid there with intense cramps that made me nauseous. Then the pain really really increased and I was asking god to help me bc I didn’t know what was happening or when it would be over (this lasted about 1h max) but this I believe is when the pregnancy actually passed, it felt like I actually wanted to like push these cramps out. So again I went to the bathroom and sat in miserable pain and pushed, also went 2 again, and then I sat and looked down and finally saw blood. The blood was light and pinkish but seeing it made me so happy. I knew it was working! When I got up I saw a tiny single blood clot the size of a dime. With only the light pink blood which worried me that it wasn’t heavy. This being the most painful part made me think it had to be out, when I wiped I believe I saw a clearish liquid on the tissue which I believe would have been type of tissue of pregnancy. I went back to bed and researched more because for 5 hrs passed and no more blood just cramping like day before normal period.. more hours passed.. almost 10 hrs since the real light blood and all of a sudden I stood up and soaked my pants in heavy thick blood.. and no it’s getting lighter Everytime. My boobs are less tight and my stomach is no longer hard. And I can’t wait to feel normal again! Thank you to these woman who support woman who need this at a fragile time! We all have different stories and need things done on our own time, and they made this happen for me. I would have had to wait two more weeks not counting the one that just passed to have to get into a clinic that is over 60 miles away and would have somehow had to be there one day ahead to sign papers and ect ext… these pills are real and the transaction that is required is also secure and they will help you, just follow the east steps they ask. The shipping is normal and thru the mail. You must sign for them when they arrive so be waiting for the mail truck to show up and go out there and sign for them!! You can do this and the pain is worth the relief. Love to this site and woman who are in fear. It will be ok.

Great team amazing help

Kayla on Dec 12 2021 4:10AM

I ordered a MTP kit and received it within 2 days. I took the first pill at 5:41 pm by 5 the next day I started bleeding before I inserted the other 4 pills about an hour after those i passed a clot about the size of a hockey puck. The cramping wasn’t two bad really but I was only 6 weeks along. This kit helped me so much I was very skeptical at first but I was wrong. This is an amazing team of good people and supported me thought it all.


Jakie on Jun 20 2021 1:12AM

Got it fast !

No GAIN without PAIN - Successfully abort pregnancy

Megan Holman on Oct 15 2020 11:18AM

I must say the abortion process is PAINFUL, but no GAIN without PAIN. Bleeding and cramping are part of the abortion process. I took the MTP Kit, and the bleeding stopped after 16 days. I went for the scan after a few days and the abortion was successful. I recommend that one must take Ibuprofen before taking Misoprostol, keep heat bags, and have someone to support morally. All the best! Try, one of the best online stores for abortion pills. They have good discounts on choosing the Transferwise payment. The process is secure and you get pills in a day or two.

Excellent service by team

Sabri N. Ferreiro on Sep 29 2020 8:14AM

Excellent service by team The ordering process was swift and received transaction details immediately after payment. Thank you for introducing me to Transferwise, it is transparent and allows me to use my credit card. I received the pills in a day! I followed the medical instructions, and today is the 9th day since I took the pills and I'm still bleeding. Will go for a scan next week. Thanks, team for the quick delivery!

Best place to buy abortion pills & abort pregnancy

Esmeralda Ezzy Gonzalez on Sep 15 2020 10:13AM

I had 2 hours of unbearable pain. Yes, abortion is painful, but only for a limited period. I was 6 weeks pregnant and purchased MTP kit from, and took the first pill in the morning, the next days at the same time I inserted 4 pills of misoprostol in the vagina. Within 2 hours of insertion, bleeding and cramps started. Soon, the bleeding increased, and while passing urine, a small ball clot passed. And then the bleeding decreased and it was like having normal periods. I took a pain killer later, which should have been taken before the second medicine. Anyways, each person is different. All the best! You can buy pills from and I got a discount on choosing Transferwise.

Perfect pills to terminate pregnancy

Meadow Cortes on Aug 26 2020 9:09AM

Yes, confirming is important. I have heard so many reviews when women have not followed instructions and taken just mifepristone or just misoprostol and had an incomplete abortion. Purchase the right pills and visit the doctor after 3 weeks for confirmation. I had ordered MTP kit from, they have many options like Misoprostol, Oxytocin, Cytotec, and others. You can choose one that suits you. Also, the payment options are wide open. I had chosen Transferwise and after payment, I received the transaction details. was quick with delivery. I recommend the site. All the best for the abortion process.

Follow instructions and get rid of unwanted pregnancy

Kellee Bernier on Aug 18 2020 11:07AM

It is important to follow instructions and then take the pills, after 2 weeks, one must visit a doctor for scan and confirmation of abortion. I purchased the MTP kit and took 1 pill of Mifepristone at 10 am, the next day at 8 am, I took Ibuprofen, and at 11 am I inserted 4 pills of Misoprostol in the vagina. I bled heavily for 2 hours, then slowly the bleeding decreased, but it continued for 10 days. Cramps and bleeding are part of abortion but confirming it from the doctor is important. You can order for MTP kit from and get offers on purchasing from new payment gateways like Transferwise.

Pretty happy & great experience with abortion

Chella Rodriguez on Aug 10 2020 10:04AM

Abortion is a tough thing while taking decisions and also while undergoing the process. I had an unplanned pregnancy, and I dint want to go for surgical abortion. After researching on the internet, I purchased abortion pills from Their delivery is quick, plus they have got wide payment gateway options. I used Transferwise, and my transaction was easy and hassle-free. After receiving pills, I followed the instructions, had my husband beside me and just lay down. The process was not comfortable, but not very painful. Painkillers, heat bags, rest helped me.

Appreciate Genericabortionpills For Successful Abortion

Thania Montana on Jul 27 2020 10:12AM

I'm a mother of a 2-year kid, missed my periods, and went for an ultrasound, and there I was with 5 weeks 1-day pregnancy. I didn't want anyone to know about abortion and then ordered abortion pills at Thanks for the quick delivery, I took care of my toddler, and I took the first pill. On the second day, morning, I had taken Ibuprofen and took the second set of pills in the mouth. The point is I did it at home and NOBODY KNEW. I cleaned my house and took care of my toddler, and followed the instructions. Going for abortion pills worked for me, I did it in secret and I felt more in control. Each woman is different, choosing the procedure is up to you. I choose abortion pills. And has great offers and allows transactions from various payment gateway options. I created an account at Transferwise and got a 5% discount. The whole transaction was clear. Choose what suits you! If you’re early in the pregnancy and KNOW your pain tolerance, I would recommend going for abortion pills!

Great Option To Terminate Pregnancy

Ashley Hong on Jul 25 2020 10:03AM

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and my baby wasn't alive. Pregnancy tissues wouldn't pass naturally so I had to take misoprostol to force the tissues out. I ordered at, and unlike other online pharma sites, has many gateway options for transactions. I created an account on Transferwise, and the transaction was quick and hassle-free. I received my pills in 2 days. I Inserted 4 Misoprostol pills vaginally. Within 2 hours, I had the worst pains of my life. Tissues came out in small chunks and within 4 hours, from heavy bleeding, it turned to mild bleeding. While passing the clots, I had contractions!! For a week I had cramping, but the bleeding was manageable. I wonder if the pain could have been less excruciating if I had taken it orally. Anyways, every person has a different experience.

On TIme Deliver and Safe Abortion

Maria Lena on Jul 22 2020 9:45AM

I have been using TRANSFERWISE for a year now. It is secure and hassle-free, and thanks to, the order was quick, and the delivery on time. is one of the best online stores for abortion pills. Talking about the pills, I took 4 Misoprostol pills, 24 hours after taking Mifepristone. After reading all the reviews, I felt so anxious I was prepared to be in a lot of pain. For me, it was like having a bad period, but everyone's different. The intense pain lasted for 1.3 hours until the clot passed. It is important to take the confirmation test. Ladies, please don't be worried, you will get through it.

Recommended Pharmacy To Terminate Pregnancy

Rachel Taylor on Jul 15 2020 8:59AM

I took abortion pills soon after missing my periods, so the process was very easy for me. I had very little cramping, just for 10 mins after the pills dissolved. For the first hour, I had heavy bleeding with lots of clots. and slowly the bleeding decreased. As each day passed, the bleeding was less for me. If you’re thinking about abortion, I would recommend taking the MTP kit! Everyone is different, each woman faces different pain and cramps. I would like to thank for the super fast delivery of the pills. Great work team, and thanks for helping me create an account on TRANSFERWISE. To all the ladies, choose the right pills for abortion, and good luck!

Terminated Pregnancy With Ease

Katie Martin on Jul 14 2020 8:56AM

Buying the right abortion pills is very important for complete termination of pregnancy. Thanks to, I received my abortion pills package on time and with a special discount. Also, created an account on TRANSFERWISE. It is a hassle-free payment gateway, very much secure. Thank you team, and by the way, my pregnancy is successfully terminated. I took the first pill in the office and did not experience any pain, and the next day inserted the next set of pills in the vagina at home. Immediately I started to bleed with severe cramping. It was very bad for me, the first 2 hours, I couldn't bear the pain. I took a hot shower, and also took Ibruprofen. This gave me some relief, slowly the bleeding and cramping decreased by night. I took good rest on the bed for a couple of days, nothing much apart from lying down, and changing pads. Remember ladies, the first 2 hours are extremely painful, just go through it, and the result will be fruitful.

Successful Abortion

Jenifer Vasquez on Jul 13 2020 8:49AM

Thank you for delivering the pills so soon. Also a special thanks for introducing me to TRANSFERWISE Payment Mode. I could create an account on it and get an extra discount. Thank you, team, the abortion pills did help me a lot. Every woman is different, and so are the pregnancy stages. I was 7 weeks pregnant, not ready for a child, so my husband and I decided to choose the abortion pill. I ordered for the MTP Kit and carefully read the instructions. I took mifepristone in the morning after breakfast, and I didn't have any side effects for the whole day. The next day, same time, I inserted 4 tablets of Misoprostol in the vagina. Within an hour, I started bleeding and the pain was just unbearable. The cramping was 10 times more than the regular period pains. I used a hot water bottle. It helped me. Slowly the pain decreased after the first 1.3 hours. Slowly pain and bleeding decreased. The next morning I did feel a lot better. Hope this helps others.

legit product

sam on Jul 12 2020 3:57AM

thanks so much for your services !! very blessed , could have been quicker but due to circumstances of cvid -19 i believe shipment was delayed , thanks !!

Thankful to

Claire Divas on Jul 5 2020 12:55PM

I got my order a day back and I wasn’t home and it was safe in my mailbox. I am writing this review about my experience from, first of all, thanks a ton for so good facilities you provide to help women. I placed an order which was very easy no struggle at all, made a payment on the same day as soon as I received Transferwise details, then in 2 days I got my tracking number. I received the package within 3 days. This is a great job, Thanks again!

Legit pharmacy with best pills

Shemekia Bailey on Jun 26 2020 12:30PM is the most legit pharmacy, I made a purchase on this pharmacy years back so I don’t have to look for the new pharma at least. Here I received the best pills, best customer care support, discreet packing and confidentiality of the purchase is well maintained.

Discreet packing with no information about the product

Christopher Abigail on Jun 20 2020 10:27AM

I just received my package an hour ago and I’m very happy you guys made a discreet packing and no information about the product on the package. I just received the same pills that I ordered. Thank you so much for shipping the correct medicines.