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Prompt service. Pleasant and knowledgeable support team

Megan Atkins on May 19 2023 7:04AM

I want to thank this website for existing. I was so nervous about the whole process but having my partner by my side all the time really helped. More than that, the team was super supportive and non-judgmental. I was explained how the entered data on the website is encrypted and that it was a safe website to use. They also lessened me about instructions to consume the pills. I had purchased an MTP KIT from here and later saw they also have an abortion pill pack which includes both abortion pills and pain relievers. If I need it the next time, I will buy abortion pills online from here and especially the pill pack.

Product is legit and delivery is quick

Cherry Griffin on May 10 2023 7:02AM

I had a very good experience here. No complaints as such and you can completely rely on my review because it’s only for the sake of spreading information so that other women like me can also buy MTP Kit online without any kind of hesitation. The delivery is quick, the website is user-friendly, replies are prompt and the product is legit, it worked as expected. It’s a must-buy website.

Buy abortion pill without any hesitation

Rihanna on Apr 29 2023 7:01AM

I was too nervous to handle this unwanted pregnancy. I was unable to be in touch with anyone for at least a week because I was mentally quite disturbed. I decided to buy MTP Kit online since my sister had gone through a medical abortion a few months back. She gave me this website’s reference. I contacted the team first and clarified all my doubts. This was an absolutely smooth ordering process. It is a genuine website because they have mentioned all the information related to the product. I took the pills as guided, there was intense bleeding for 3 days. I was drained and exhausted and just wanted this to end. But it subsided after that and the procedure was successful. You can surely purchase from here without any hesitation.

Genuine Pharmacy and Great Service!

Maria Wright on Apr 18 2023 7:01AM

I accidentally ordered 3 MTP kits instead of two. I was already low on funds and could not keep an extra kit hence I immediately contacted them asking for a return. They did ask me to upload the photos of the kits ensuring they were unused. Later, they sent me the return address and I shipped it back to them. This process went on for good 8-10 days and my money was in my account within 10 days. Although a lengthy process, surely worked for me. Thank you for your genuine service.

Genuine company with top quality product

Joan Hill on Apr 2 2023 6:59AM

I spent my entire day reading about this procedure, wondering what should be done. My pregnancy had reached week 7th when I realized I was pregnant. I was scared since my boyfriend just didn’t bother to take care of this situation. I took the help of my close friend and decided to order MTP Kit online from this website. They had some excellent reviews and so I placed my order. The package was home in 2 days. I was also given some details by email to consume these pills. The website and its products are surely genuine and you must purchase from here.

Fast efficient and friendly service

Linda Hall on Mar 25 2023 6:48AM

This website was a recommendation by a close friend. She advised me to buy MTP Kit online, I quickly ordered one kit since it was sufficient for my 5 weeks pregnancy. The pill's packaging was discreet. The outer covering of the package did not have the name of the website or the products printed on it. I am super impressed by that because I didn’t want to disclose my pregnancy to anyone at home. It was a good experience and most importantly, the pills worked.

Happy to Re-order from Genericabortionpills

Heyth Perry on Mar 17 2023 6:47AM

I’ve used this website in the past for myself, recommended it to others and this time again placed an order for myself. I preferred to buy MTP Kit online from here because it’s the best combination of abortion pills and is highly efficient. They gave me a repeat customer discount and I’m so happy about my purchase and timely delivery. Thank you.

Secure and fast delivery

Mable Garcia on Mar 7 2023 6:46AM

I got my hands on the best product only because of this website. It offers different kinds of abortion pills so I chose to buy MTP Kit online personally as suggested by my doctor. It’s a good and working product. Highly recommend.

Super easy, great staff and communication has been awesome

Elena Rhodes on Feb 26 2023 6:45AM

I was being very finicky but the help support team was very cooperative. They explained to me carefully and in-depth about the use of abortion pills even when I was doubting the website’s reputation and genuineness initially. They helped me with my queries and I was quite convinced and satisfied enough to proceed. So, I chose to buy MTP Kit online from them as suggested for my case. Their service is more than ordinary and the delivery is quick. I’m glad I chose this website for such an important decision in my life.

Grateful for your existence

Amanda Stewart on Feb 16 2023 6:33AM

I will suggest this service to others in need for sure because of a good personal experience with you guys. Thank you for the timely support, understanding, and discreet delivery.

Prominent Service

Nora Gomez on Feb 4 2023 6:32AM

Yes, they are trusted providers and their pills are genuine but I had a scary experience initially with them. I forgot to mention my apartment number while ordering and the package was accidentally delivered to the wrong address. Thankfully, I spoke to them the same day about not getting the abortion pills delivered. They took immediate action and took the parcel from the wrong mailbox and got it delivered to me on the same day. It could have been a mess for me but they addressed the issue and instantly worked on it.

Discreet Packaging & Fast Delivery

Sarah Marsh on Jan 22 2023 6:27AM

Since I work a 12-hour shift, it was difficult to stay home to receive the package. Although they sent me a tracking number after 24 hours of paying for my order which displayed the precise information about the delivery date and time, I still could not be home. I had ordered abortion pills at my office’s address. I spoke to the team and requested discreet packaging delivery. They assured me that it is inclusive in their service yet I was quite nervous. But yes, it was discreet. A brown packet with no name of their website or product anywhere on it. I just signed it and took it. It was also secured from the inside in a blister packaging. The website is true to its commitment.

Great Experience

Victoria Clark on Jan 7 2023 6:25AM

I can honestly write, hands down this is the best website. I have already suggested them to many of my knowns and also personally used their product and services more than thrice. Every time the delivery span is the same, the service is professional, the correspondence team is responsive 24/7 and the best part is their confidential delivery service. Very helpful.

Dependable, fast and convenient

Angle McAlister on Dec 22 2022 6:24AM

One of the main reasons why I chose to buy MTP Kit from here is because this website had a number of options for correspondence. Also, a friend had already purchased from them so I chose to buy abortion pills from here. The pills worked exactly the way they should have. It also displays different pills on the website so you can pick your product. The email service is fast and responsive so it just reduced my waiting time. I am very happy with how the whole procedure turned out to be effective.

legitimate pharmacy with cost-effective medicines and fast service

Jamie Cole on Dec 8 2022 6:24AM

The internet is filled with pharmacies selling abortion pills but this seemed more legit. This pharmacy stands out as the product information on the website had everything displayed from the manufacturer's name to the expiration date of the product. After ordering from here I realized, this was all true. The quality of pills was good, their policies are very transparent, cost-effective medicines, and fast service.

Amazing service, cost and quality!

Michelle Bryant on Nov 21 2022 6:23AM

I was constantly poking the team over the live chat. I didn’t want to be a trouble but since I am a university student, I could not afford to visit a doctor. I spoke to someone from their customer service team who suggested to me everything that needed to be done. I was given a good discount because I could not pay much for it. This website is not all about making business but also considers customers’ health concerns. Very helpful. Thank you.

This was so easy and great customer service.

Kathy Campbell on Nov 6 2022 6:22AM

The only reason why I chose to buy MTP Kit online in the USA, is because I have recently moved here. I stay here alone and barely know anyone around so wanted this to be really private and non-invasive. I could get my order delivered at home itself and privately conducted the whole procedure with the help of their team’s guidance. It was a good experience with the product and the service of the website as well. My abortion was successful.

Highly recommend to buy abortion pill online purchase

Candice Frank on Oct 22 2022 6:21AM

I have purchased medicines from here twice and this was the third time. Every time I place an order i received 10% discount. The product price drops a reasonable amount. They have various options of payment to choose from which helped me pay so quickly and conveniently. I highly recommend them for an abortion pill online purchase.

Amazing personal experience with fast shipping as well as discreet packaging

Iva Daniels on Oct 9 2022 6:16AM

I will endorse this website and its product to any individual without a second thought because of my amazing personal experience with fast shipping, discreet packaging, and after service which helps with the dosage details as well.

Super impressed by the fast delivery and excellent customer service

Pearl Brown on Sep 25 2022 6:16AM

People like me who are vulnerable definitely needed support and especially about such a sensitive process. I was fully clueless about what to do, how to order, what to order, etc., but I’m glad they had excellent customer support service. I was told to buy Mtp Kit online and that’s what I did. I chose overnight shipping. Placed my order on Monday morning and the pills came on Wednesday evening. Super impressed by the fast delivery and efficient customer service.