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If you are probing meticulously about how to end your unwanted pregnancy with the help of misoprostol then this is the best page that you have landed.

What is misoprostol and how does it work?

  • Your first query must be about the working mechanism of the misoprostol pill and about its safety.
  • These misoprostol pills are synthetic prostaglandin E1 that has been listed by the WHO as the safest and the most effective medicament to terminate pregnancy. These pills are termed to be safe and also have high efficacy rate.
  • These pills create contractions in the uterus, it dilutes the entire pregnancy parts along with the fetus
  • The cervix then widens and the entire pregnancy parts are cleared out in the form of vaginal blood.

What are the other works of this misoprostol pills?

  • These misoprostol pills are also used for the treating stomach ulcers that have been caused because of excessive use of painkillers. It also prevents acid secretion in the stomach and protects the inner lining of the stomach
  • This pill is also given vaginally to start labor pain during delivery of the newborn.
  • The reason that misoprostol creates contractions in the stomach. These pills are prohibited to be used for stomach ulcers if a woman is pregnant.

When should I take misoprostol dose for abortion?

  1. Take this misoprostol pill only if your gestation period is 8 weeks or lesser, in case you have exceeded the given gestation period then abortion can be successful with both the mifepristone as well as misoprostol (to know more go to the next page of our site)
  2. You should confirm your pregnancy type by getting an ultrasound. You can only use misoprostol tablets if your pregnancy is uterine and not ectopic. In case of ectopic pregnancy, you have to go for a surgical abortion.

What precaution do I have to take before using misoprostol pills?

  1. You have to be meticulous about the precautionary steps as a bit of callousness can cause you inflammation in your uterus. This isn’t to scare you out but to make you more focused on its ways.
  2. Remove any IUD (intrauterine device) if you are using before starting with the misoprostol pills course. It can cause inflammation and reduce the efficacy of the misoprostol tablet. It can also cause you intense pelvic pain
  3. Try taking the misoprostol pills when you have enough time for resting in a safe and a comfort zone.  Keep yourself in loose and comfortable attire so that you remain comfortable throughout the process of abortion.
  4. Avoid this pill if you are allergic to the misoprostol or any of its parts and do not take magnesium products during this pill course as magnesium increases the problem of diarrhea.
  5. Talk to our healthcare expert at or any health care expert if you are using any medication whether it’s herbal or non-herbal.

How do I take the doses of misoprostol?

  • We advise you to take the misoprostol buccally (where you place the pill in your cheek pouch) or sublingually (where the pills are kept under the tongue) and allow it to dissolve in your saliva. You have to hold the pills in your mouth for 30 minutes.
  • Make sure you do not vomit the pills before 30 minutes as the pills will not work completely for abortion. At this stage, it will be compulsory for you to visit the doctor and get a surgical abortion done. So we suggest you take any anti-emetic pill before starting with the dose of misoprostol.
  • You need to take 12 pills of misoprostol which is of 200mcg each in a set of 4 pills at a time, with duration of 5 hours between each set. First start with the set of first 4 pills, keep the pills in your cheek pouch and allow it to dissolve and finally, after half an hour, you can swallow the pills with water. Repeat the same process after 5 hours with the second set of pills and finally after 5 hours finish off with the third set.

What are the side-effects that I will face?

  • The inevitable side-effects of these pills are vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps.
  • You may face scant to heavy bleeding and this varies to each body type.
  • There are other rare side-effects like vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Remember all these side-effects are transient and will diminish within 2 weeks or at times it can extend a bit more. Normally women stop facing the side-effects after 5 days except vaginal bleeding that will last for 10- 14 days.

How do I control the side-effects on my own?

  • Remember if the side effects are moderate then you have to endure it for a while but if it is irresistible then you can take the following pills.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory pill (ibuprofen) for controlling fever and stomach cramps. Remember not to exceed your dose of ibuprofen beyond 3200 mg in 24 hours. Do not take any medicine specifically for reducing stomach pains as this will decrease the effect of misoprostol on your body. In case you do not get the specific medicine contact any health care expert or for an alternative to ibuprofen.
  • You can also take a blood coagulant to control the excessive bleeding that you are facing.

What if I forget a dose of misoprostol?

If you forget a dose of misoprostol then take it as soon as you remember. Do not overdose yourself if it’s time for the next dosage.

How do I identify if the pills have suited me or not?

  • If you soak 2 maxi-pads within an hour or pass large blood clots bigger than the lemon then it’s time to visit the doctor immediately.
  • If you keep vomiting 12 hours after taking this pill or your fever doesn’t decrease after taking an anti-inflammatory pill then you need to take a quick decision and visit your nearest doctor.
  • If you do not face bleeding after taking the 12 pills of misoprostol then do not take more doses without consulting the doctor or have an online chat with our healthcare expert.

How do I maintain the secrecy of the abortion fact?

Undergoing abortion nowadays in secrecy is not a big deal. Remember no one can detect the presence of misoprostol in your body if you take it orally. It will seem like a miscarriage to the doctor.

How do I confirm my abortion?

The efficacy rate of misoprostol is as high as 95% still if you wish to confirm you abortion you can get an ultrasound done after 2 weeks or if you want to get a urine test done do it after 4 weeks because if you hurry and get a test done earlier than 4 weeks you can get positive results as traces of pregnancy tissues still remain in the body for 4 weeks.