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Genuine website to end your pregnancy

Linda Brown on Jan 21 2023 7:16AM

I hope my review helps someone at least. If you’re reading this then please buy abortion pills from here if you genuinely want to end your pregnancy. It is very affordable and they also give you some discounts on your total. I could not afford an offline purchase but managed to buy from here due to the cost-effective prices. Very genuine.

Affordable rates and quick shipping

Brittany Anderson on Jan 6 2023 7:15AM

Putting up my review now because I have just received my parcel. I could not wait to write hence without wasting time I just dropped my experience. So, I ordered via express shipping but they themselves upgraded it to overnight shipping and did not charge me anything extra. I ordered on a Monday and my parcel was at my doorstep on Thursday afternoon. It was so quick. Highly impressed.

Super easy website to use

Cachet Manning on Dec 20 2022 7:13AM

Purchasing from here in the future too if needed. A genuine website with legit working products holding recent manufacturing dates as well. Super easy website to use and has so much information displayed on the website for people like me who cannot visit the doctor for privacy concerns.

Great initiative on standing up for women’s healthcare

Grace Williams on Dec 4 2022 7:12AM

It’s good to see how pharmacies online have taken up an initiative on standing up for women’s healthcare. I stay in a remote area and it’s very difficult to get my hands on abortion pills as it’s very restrictive. I spoke to them several times about the strict rules and how the package won’t get here but they assured me about the parcel delivery and guess what? It was delivered to my address safely with no problems.

Thank you for the abortion pills

Emma Gray on Nov 24 2022 7:11AM

I was able to use a few of their services and I’m impressed. You can read their website which is filled with information much needed for someone like me seeking abortion and willing to buy abortion pills online. They have everything mentioned right from usage details, and precautions to aftercare information. Also, i would like to thank you for providing abortion pills.

Everything went as expected

Lisa Dukes on Nov 10 2022 7:11AM

This is the right place to buy abortion pills. The information on their website is also clear and well-explanatory. You can also read information about how to order on the website for some clear guidance. Thank you for the pill’s delivery.


Veronica on Oct 2 2022 4:53AM

I was very skeptical about buying this product and was afraid it would not work or not come. But it came overnight and worked like a charm. The pain medicine helped wonders and you can find the instructions on how to take on the “additional information” section on the product. I need Al have some heavy bleeding at first but they have a pill in the kit that helps control that. If you’re questioning yourself, please don’t and buy it now! Real review!

THANKFUL for this!

Emma A on Jun 27 2022 6:35AM

I am so incredibly thankful for this kit. I am a 23 year old mom of little ones already. I ordered the abortion pill pack not knowing what to expect, I looked at all of the reviews and thought maybe it was too good to be true. Do not hesitate to buy this if you are on edge! It’s amazing! The only downfall was no direction came with the kit but the more I looked it’s on the website and I messaged the company and they were so patient with me and all of my questions through it all! I personally had a great experience, I took the first pill around 10:30pm and by 1:30am I had my miscarriage. Right before I took an 800mg ibuprofen. I did not have any extreme pain, some cramping that felt like period cramps. Did have heavy bleeding for a while but that was about it. I would recommend to anyone that is interested! DO IT!! You’ll be very thankful, so worth it!


TheMeatMan on Jan 12 2022 2:04PM

I was very skeptical at first as always with online sites for important things such as this, but the customer service stayed in contact the whole purchase and patient with me, I received the pills within the 2 days as promised and they worked 100% as expected and more. Thanks again and for any doubting. This is the real deal

5 stars!

Brittany Jones on Nov 12 2021 8:13AM

I'm so thankful I came across this website. This company's customer service was exceptional, and guided me on every step of the ordering process. They offer payment thru Transferwise, and I paid thru the Transferwise option. I paid $350 total for this complete pill pack and I'm glad I chose this one versus the basic pill pack option. Ladies, this website is legit and I can't thank the doctor(s) who are helping women everywhere out by having these pills accessible. Without generic abortion pills, I would've likely not been able to have my abortion. They ship the order from the US and it came in 2 business day after my order was processed. The pills were a fresh pack, there was no tampering with the pills, and they worked as described. If you're looking for a sign to buy these, this is it! I'm recommending this website to all of my friends who may end up in the same predicament.

Great discount and on time delivery

Heather Trujillo on Oct 17 2020 10:56AM

Abortion can be painful, but it depends. I had taken 2 pain killers, one every 12 hours. Kept heat bags all the time, and all I did was rest for the 2 days. Bleeding gets heavier in the first 2 hours, and gradually it decreases. If you can handle pain in the first 3 hours, the process is less complex! All the best. Have someone to support you in the abortion, mentally and physically. I had ordered the abortion pills pack from, and you can too. I recommend for the varieties of payment gateways like Transferwise, for discount, and fast delivery.

Great option to terminate unwanted pregnancy

Angelica Paredes on Oct 5 2020 8:44AM

Lucky you Andrea. I had the worst 3 hours of pain. It was my mistake, I didn't take any pain killer, nor was I mentally or physically prepared for it. I would strongly advise taking pain relievers for those who can not tolerate the pain. The pain was unbearable for the first 4 hours, then it was like normal periods. Though I didn't have a good time during an abortion, my abortion was successful. And thank you for delivering the pills on time and for introducing me to Transferwise.

Received the pills on time and abortion terminated successfully

Andrea Lujan on Sep 5 2020 10:29AM

I agree, each woman is different. My abortion experience was easy. I had taken Mifepristone at the noon, and the next day I took painkiller after breakfast, and by noon swallowed the 4 pills. Soon I started bleeding, but it was light. I bled heavily after 4 hours, and it continued for 2 hours. I took another pain killer, and the cramps, the pain was bearable. Kept heat bags and rested the whole evening. It was like periods with heavy bleeding for me. As I said, it varies. I bled for 2 weeks, and my abortion was successful. BTW, I had purchased an abortion pills pack from using Transferwise. Thanks to for delivering the product on time. Grab discounts with good payment options offered by the team.

Excellent service and great experience with

Amorette Robles on Aug 14 2020 11:25AM

I searched for abortion pills online, then a friend recommended me I must say, the site has lots more than just abortion pills, and the transactions were transparent. I created an account on Transferwise, got 10% off on my first purchase, and received the pills in 2 days. Pretty happy with Regarding the experience with abortion, it differs from woman to woman. My advice would be that you have someone with you, keep pads in stock, heat bags, painkiller, water and take good rest. Purchase Ibuprofen for fever, Norco for pain and Zofran for nausea. Take 1 every 9-12 hours, depending on the situation. All the best!

Awesome Overnight Shipment For Abortion Pills

Julie Jenkins on Jul 26 2020 9:40AM

Thank you team for Overnight shipment and secure payment modes. Thanks for allowing me to make payment through Transferwise, it helped me make payment through the debit card. And the best part was I got the tracking details within 24 hrs after making the payment.I got my abortion pills within a day, and I took Mifepristone on the same day. The next day, at the same time I took Misoprostol. After about 15 min I started bleeding heavily and the cramps intensified. I took a hot shower and after an hour, passed big clots, soon slowly the pain decreased. I took ibuprofen throughout the day and rotated Tylenol. Rest, heat pads, pain killers would give great relief. All the best!

Genuine Pharmacy To Buy Abortion Pills

Euna Isabel on Jul 24 2020 9:37AM

Most of the time, the reviews freak you out, but each woman is different. I was around 6 weeks. I took Ibuprofen 800mg and later after an hour took Misoprostol pills in my cheeks. I had no nausea and no vomiting. Light cramping began within an hour and passed a clot the width of a golf ball. The pain was similar to periods, and after the clot passed out, the cramps and pain decreased. I have passed many smaller clots since day 2, with period cramps coming and going. I haven't even soaked a maxi pad, it used to come in waves and usually passed when I was on the toilet. Everyone is different so just relax! Everything will be okay! I was lucky to get the pills within a day from They have a wide range of payment modes for secure payments. If one is choosing medical abortion, purchase pills from

Fast Delivery Of Pills and Excellent Payment Method

Zetta Evans on Jul 22 2020 9:35AM

I am 20 years old and I was 6 weeks and 4 days when I had my ultrasound. I wanted the process to be private at home, so I ordered for abortion pills at I received pills within 2 days. I took Mifepristone at noon, and the next day at the same time, I took Misoprostol, but 30 minutes before taking Misoprostol, I took 800mg of ibuprofen and 10mg of compazine. After an hour I started to bleed and the cramps came on hard and fast. The pain was so intense I decided to get in the shower. Those 45 minutes when the bleeding started, the pain was very intense. Later the cramps and bleeding became lighter and very mild. A week later at my follow up appointment everything worked out. If you can pull through 30 minutes of heavy cramping, you will be fine! I hope this helps someone who feels nervous. You can count on for the fast delivery of pills and excellent payment modes i.e TRANSFERWISE. All the best girls.

Best Online Pharmacy For Abortion Pills

Bria Hartley on Jul 20 2020 9:22AM

Unlike others, who felt nothing after the first pill, it was horrible for me. I had severe nausea after taking the first pill, I vomited, and with great difficulty took the second round of pills after 28 hours. I put the 4 pills in my cheeks for 30 min then washed down with water. Before that, I took Naproxen and Tylenol. Soon within an hour, I started bleeding, passed a few clots in the toilet the size of a lime. It wasn’t as painful as I anticipated. Felt just like a period. And I had kept heat bags, all day long. Painkillers & heating pads were essential! The right set of abortion pill packs are very important in this process. I recommend for it. is the best online pharma for abortion pills, and they also offer a wide range of payment modes. Try and create an account on TRANSFERWISE and avail good offers. Good luck ladies.

Great Help To Terminate Pregnancy

Winnifred Sullivan on Jul 18 2020 9:10AM

The abortion was a big experience for me, I had intense pain for 3.5 hours, after inserting the 4 pills into the vagina. The cramps and pain were excruciating, and I lay on the bathroom floor, unable to move. Saying all this, the pain was very short-lived and soon the bleeding decreased and so did the cramps. My friends had suggested Ibuprofen, and I kept a hot water bag, and slowly the pain faded. I did feel fairly weak and tired on the whole day, but back to normal in 2 days. Choose the best abortion pills from, and get additional discounts for opening an account on new payment modes like TRANSFERWISE. Abortion is a huge thing, plan, and be prepared to bear the pain, all the very best!

Best Medical Abortion

Amanda Smith on Jul 15 2020 9:04AM

I've had 3 medical abortions and the pain varied each time but I threw up every time. It is important to choose a good abortion pill pack. And please know that unless you have some strong medicine like Ibuprofen, you'll still feel the pain from the contractions. On the brighter side, the pain lasts for about 2 to 3 hours. I couldn't think of surgical abortion so opted for abortion pills. Privacy was also one of my main concerns. I would like to thank for the fast delivery of pills. A special thanks to the support team for getting me through the payment, and introducing me to TRANSFERWISE. Choose the right pills and all the best ladies, stay strong!!!