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Plan B One-Step the Best Emergency Contraception for Women


The Birth Control pill is used by women to condense the chance of pregnancy after having an unsecured sexual activity. Plan B one step pills is not an abortion pill, it does not cause any type of abortion or miscarriage. It is a birth control pill that is taken on a daily basis to preclude pregnancy. At times they are also denoted as an oral contraceptive pill or emergency contraceptive pill which is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

How Plan B One-Step is effective?

If you take the pill before completion of 72 hours of having an unprotected sexual activity then it decreases the risk of unwanted pregnancy up to 89%. However, if you take the abortion pill before 24 hours, then it is 95% to 98% effective.

The most important thing you should know that these birth control pills are not as powerful as consistent contraception and it will not protect you against any STDs (sexually transmitted disease).

Many women think that Plan B one-step causes an abortion by stopping the growth of the fetus. But it is not true. It does not cause an abortion as this pill does not work if you are pregnant.

When should you use birth control pills?

The soon you start taking birth control pill the quick it works. Thus, you should take the pills within 72 hours of before 72 hours after an unprotected sexual movement. In some cases, you can use Plan B One-Step if your regular contraception did not show its effective result or if you did not use any contraception or protection.

How does the birth control pill prevent pregnancy?

The birth control pill works by releasing a hormone known as progestin. Some pill has only progestin whereas some pills come in combination with progestin and estrogen. As the hormone is released it stops ovulation. If there is no ovulation then there will be no egg for the sperm to impregnate, so it can not cause pregnancy. This medication also makes the mucus thick so that the sperm cannot reach the eggs. Thus, it prevents pregnancy.

What is the Assistance of medicine?

The pill is secure and safe to use only after you get it prescribed by your medical expert. Plan B One-Step Side effects are rare so you should take the pill at your convenient time every day considering all the precautions. Each pack contains a 1-month quantity with 28 pills in which there are 21 active pills and 7 placebo pills with no active ingredient in it. And some pack comes with 21 active pills.

However, many women do not take birth control pills to simply prevent pregnancy but also to avail other benefits like:

  • Lowering menstrual contractions/ bad cramps
  • Helping your menstrual cycle to become consistent and lighted
  • Reducing acne
  • Heavy and irregular periods
  • Securing against pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Depression and headaches (pre-menstrual symptoms)
  • Anemia
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Cysts in breast and ovaries
  • Thinning of bone
  • Severe infection in ovaries, tubes, and in the uterus
  • Endometrial and ovarian cancer, etc.

Some important information:

You must consume the medicine on a regular basis so that they can be productive. You should not miss or skip any dose. These pills are easy to take so you can consume it with water. Avoid taking medicine with juice or beverages.

When should one not use Plan B One-Step?

Women should not take the birth control pill if they are suspected pregnant or already pregnant.

If they have an allergy to the ingredients of the medicine.

If they are overweight. i.e. more than 165 pounds. Or

If they have a record of unusual vaginal bleeding.