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Ovarian Cysts - A brief about what are PCOS and how to deal with them


These ovarian cysts are commonly formed during the process of ovulation and these cysts are fluid-filled sacs found in the ovary. This process of ovulation happens only when the ovary releases an egg and this does not necessarily have to harm and some women do not even find any problem during the process of ovulation.

There are normally two variants of ovarian cysts

The most common ovarian cysts are the functional cysts that are formed during the process of the menstrual cycle. These cysts are not malignant that means they are not cancerous.

These functional cysts are common of two types

Follicle cysts and the corpus luteum cysts

  • Follicle cysts: As the name suggests this type of cysts forms when the follicle fails to break open to release the egg. In every menstrual cycle the egg grows inside the follicle and when this fails to open this keeps increasing as a cyst.

  • Corpus luteum cysts: this type of cysts form after the egg breaks open and the sac does not shrink. After every egg breaks the sac is supposed to shrink and it prepares for the next session of egg for the menstrual cycle when this does not happen the sac reseals itself and the fluid is refilled in the sac leading to the formation of cysts. These types of cysts normally go away after a few weeks and this can also grow to the size of almost 4 inches. These can also be painful and can also twist the ovary.

There are other types of cysts which are rarely found but are also benign 

  • These are Endometriomas that is caused due to endometriosis a factor when the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus.
  • Then there are the Dermoids that are present from the birth itself and hardly shows any symptoms.
  • Cystadenomas can grow too large and are filled with fluid that is watery.

Who all suffer or can suffer from cysts?

These cysts occur to those women who are under regular periods. These cysts are never detectable unless it forms too large or grows in size those women who already had menopause do not suffer from the problem of cysts and if they do then there are higher chances of this being cancerous.

If you suffer from any problem of unusual bleeding or suffer from too much vaginal pain or pressure then it is required to visit the doctor at the earliest.

What are the reasons that cause these ovarian cysts?

1. The foremost problem is the problem of hormonal balance: These functional cysts go away as soon as the drugs or the pills to get ovulation done are stopped at times it does not even require any treatment.

2. Endometriosis: These types of cysts that are formed cause pain during sex and may also cause pain during the periods. These are caused during the process of endometriosis.

3. Pregnancy: This type of cysts normally develops to support the pregnancy till the placenta develops and this sometimes stays and requires to be removed with surgery.

Sometimes severe pelvic infections can spread in the ovaries and the fallopian tubes causing the formation of cysts.

You can always get rid of the cysts with different methods like surgery or medication when it is too large. Those who plan to have at home abortion and know are suffering from any type of cysts can consult the doctor before they plan to buy abortion pills and get an abortion done.