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NuvaRing- A Pregnancy Preventing Ring


The NuvaRing is the brand name and similar to a type of a vaginal ring. It is an adjustable plastic ring that releases hormones known as progesterone and estrogen after being implanted into the female reproductive area near the cervix. The dispersion of these hormones inhibits the ovaries from generating the eggs. NuvaRing Reviews: About 1.5 million women across the world use NuvaRing as a means of contraception and there were about 44 million prescriptions for it in the U.S. from the year 2004 to 2014.

Uses of the Vaginal Ring:

It is basically used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It may also be given for other reasons so you can consult with your health care provider. Make sure that this vaginal ring does not prevent HIV or any other kind of Sexually transmitted disease (STIs) and is not appropriate for all women. NuvaRing price can be up to $80 per month

Guidelines on how to insert NuvaRing:

It’s quite easy to use NuvaRing birth control: 1st, make sure that the ring has not got expired (the expiry date is mentioned on the package). Wash your hands with soap and water, then press the sides of the ring with your fingers and softly push it into your genital area. Do not worry about the perfect placing of the vaginal. However, you can check it by walking if you don’t feel it then it’s placed correctly.

When it is time to remove your ring out, just curve your finger over the ring and softly pull it out from your genital area. You can leave the ring inside while doing a sexual activity or any kind of physical activity.

Once you remove your ring out, put it back in its foil wrapper and throw it in the garbage or trash. You can also pack it in toilet paper, but it will be a helping hand towards the environment if you make use of the foil cover as it helps to keep away any hormones left out in the ring from assimilating into the water and soil. Do not flush the vaginal ring into the toilet or do not throw it with household waste. Ask your expert about other ways to dispose of the ring.

NuvaRing side effects:

NuvaRing is a famous Combination Hormone Contraceptive (CHC) like other birth control pills. However, some common after-effects include moderate to severe headaches and swelling of the female reproductive area, mood disorders, feeling tired, severe belly pain, changes in eyesight, loos in vision, blurred vision, depression, dizziness, a lump in the breast, vaginal itching, etc. it is advisable to consult your health care expert if notice that these symptoms are staying for long period or worsens.

Information on who should not use the Vaginal ring:

NuvaRing should not be recommended in the following  situations:

  • Uncommon vaginal bleeding or blood clots in lungs, legs.
  • Suspected pregnancy or already pregnant
  • stroke, heart attack, or severe chest pain.
  • Diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Difficulty or complications with eyes, nerves, kidney, or blood vessels
  • Headache
  • Neurological symptoms
  • Breast cancer, or other cancer related to pelvic organs
  • Liver disease or tumors
  • Heart valves with difficulty

Drug interaction:

Like other birth control pills, some medication can interact with NuvaRing, making it less competent which include some HIV medications, antibiotic, rifampin, an antifungal drug, griseofulvin, some Antiseizure drugs, etc these are not a complete list of medications so consult your doctor for more information.

If you regularly use oil-based medicines in the genital area for fungal infections, so this medicine may higher the balanced level of hormone. It will not cut down the capability of the ring but can have severe effects in the long run