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MTP Kit – A way to stop Unwanted Pregnancy


Due to lack of sex education in our country and no proper usage of the means of sexual protection provided to us many of the women land up with unwanted pregnancies. For such women we have introduced the medical option of pills known as the abortion pills. These eliminate the chances of undergoing a surgery and help in the process of abortion at your comfort zone without the help of a physician.

The MTP Kit contains two types of pills namely, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone is taken orally by mouth and the latter is inserted in the vagina. These pills work only in the first 9 weeks of abortion after which the only option remaining is surgical.

The release of hormones is stopped by these medications and thus helping in the termination of pregnancy. Sometimes the medication doesn’t fully terminate the foetus there can be a few remains left behind. To check these remains a clinical examination and sonography is done to make sure after completing the 14 days cycle of the abortion pills.

In those cases where the pills don’t work or the termination has not happened completely, surgical removal is compulsory otherwise you can face severe complications. Whenever these medicines are given make sure you get your medical check up done and give your detailed medical history to your doctor. This is done to avoid any side effects or risk of severe drug reactions.

Precautions have to be taken in every case and without consulting with the gynaecologist the dosage cannot be started. Always keep extra sanitary napkins or tampons with you as you will surely face vaginal bleeding but the amount differs from person to person.

We suggest these pills for women who are unmarried, mentally unstable, single mothers as you won’t have to go through the legal procedures of surgery. During a surgical case, anesthesia is given whose effect doesn’t last more than 4 hours but there can be a need of admission in the hospital. The MTP Kit can be taken anytime at your comfort place and you can continue your daily activity without feeling dizzy or drowsy.

It has been reported that when women face heavy vaginal bleeding, they can lose more than 2mg/dl of hemoglobin in their blood. This case of heavy bleeding is mostly seen in cases where the duration of pregnancy has increased. In such cases immediate attention and treatment is required. Do not ignore any side effects or any possible effect that lasts longer than 24 hours. You need to know that these pills do not cause infertility or complications in future pregnancies not even during childbirth.

More than 90% of the people have reported severe reactions on the third day that is after taking misoprostol. The reactions include severe pain in the abdomen and cramps due to the intense uterine contractions, also vomiting, diarrhoea etc.  while some of them reported the reactions within 4 hours of taking the medicine. The reporting of these effects was decreased after the third day except the expected bleeding or spotting.