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Misoprostol abortion pill - A complete obliteration of pregnancy


Nowadays the medical abortion is a common way of terminating a pregnancy when done during the first trimester. After allowing the pill to be used for abortion at home the two pills those have been famously used are the Mifepristone pills and the Misoprostol abortion pills and because of its wide availability, women buy abortion pills online.

You can use both the termination pills to abort a pregnancy during the first trimester and you can also use the pills individually to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at different times during the pregnancy age. The Misoprostol pregnancy termination pill that is a prostaglandin is used to terminate a pregnancy during the 8 weeks of the pregnancy period this can be extended from 10-12 weeks if used long with the Mifepristone pill which is a prostaglandin.

A short note on misoprostol abortion pill

This abortion pill was initially used to induce labor and to treat stomach ulcers but later because of its properties of creating contractions in the uterine walls and bringing the endometrium to the stage of dilution, this pill was used effectively for pregnancy termination and for women who had an incomplete miscarriage.

This synthetic prostaglandin pill creates uterotonic contractions so that the myometrium as well as the pregnancy tissues start ripening and flows out of the vagina through vaginal bleeding. This pill helps to get an abortion which is natural as you will experience bleeding which is higher than your periods as the endometrium is much thickened during pregnancy days to form a support for the fetus. During vaginal bleeding, you will not find any distinguishable pregnancy parts as the embryo is still microscopic and it is the myometrium that is shedding.

How to use this misoprostol pill for abortion

This prostaglandin pill is taken sublingually, buccally or vaginally. Among the three the best method is vaginal administration as this avoids the side-effects of gastrointestinal problem. If you are having a confidential abortion then it is better not to take the pills vaginally as this can be detected in case you needed to visit the doctor. In case of buccal administration, you have to take the pill in the cheek pouch and in case of sublingual administration you need to take the pills under the tongue. The efficacies of both the ways are the same as it requires to be kept in the mouth till the entire pill gets dissolved in the mouth and only after the entire pill is dissolved you can take a glass of water.

You can buy Misoprostol abortion pill online as this is easily available at lower costs than your nearest pharmacy and at times it can be secretly availed especially for those who are not willing to disclose the facts.

Cases when this misoprostol pill is void

This Misoprostol pill does not work in case of ectopic pregnancy and it should not be taken if the women suffer from any health disorders related to heart, liver, intrauterine problems, or renal disorder. You should take up some other form of abortion if you are taking medication for controlling blood pressure. This pill should not be taken for pregnancy termination if you are allergic to prostaglandin.

Normally this pill does not react majorly but there are the intended side-effects which have to be borne in order to get a complete termination that is vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps. At times you can also face nausea and vomiting.