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Mifeprex Pill an Easy Medical Termination of Intrauterine Pregnancy


Generally, women have a very bad experience while going through an abortion. There are many measures you can take to prepare yourself for your abortion. The hardest decision is to decide which termination method is to be opted for. Both medical abortions, as well as surgical method of abortion, are conducted post guidance of your healthcare advisor hence speak to your doctor before choosing any one of them.

For those who choose medical abortion doctors to suggest the Mifeprex pills in combination with Misoprostol pill. Mifeprex is also known as Generic RU486 and is a brand of Mifepristone. The anti-progesterone abortion table thus helps in successful abortion.

How does the Mifeprex Mifepristone pill operate?

A hormone called Progesterone is vital for a pregnancy to develop and continue. So this pill helps to prohibit the working of progesterone supporting the uterus to split and widen the cervix. In this process, oxygen and nutrition supplied to the embryo are side-tracked, which leads to the termination of pregnancy by expelling the units form the fallopian tube without any surgical efforts.

What is the dosage structure?

You have to get a prescription before taking the abortion pill and make sure that you get it filled so that you take the medication at an appropriate time without any delay.

Initially, you have to consume one Mifeprex tablet 200 mg with water orally. Then after a break of 1-2 days, you have to take 4 pills of Misoprostol 800mcg (200-mcg each). Gulp the medicine either buccally or other method is vaginally but doctors recommend buccal consumption as the safest. The procedure is initiated by placing two Misoprostol pills on both sides i.e. on cheek pouch and allowing them to melt for half an hour or more. Do not consume water or take in even the saliva until the tablets dissolve. You can then drink water so that the remains of the pill get ingested. The other method is by the vaginal process in which you have to insert 4 pills in your vaginal area deeply. After consuming Misoprostol by any of the methods you may experience severe cramps and excessive vaginal bleeding within 2-24 hours. You can ask your doctor for medicine to lower severe cramps and excessive bleeding.

What is the important information the doctor should be aware of before taking Mifeprex?

Before starting with medical abortion women should notify the doctor if allergic to either Mifepristone, Misoprostol or both. Also, if hypersensitive towards prostaglandins, dealing with bleeding disorders, experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, porphyria, adrenal gland problems, or when the pregnancy duration is more than 70 days.

What are the Mifeprex side effects?

There are certain after-effects that do not require medical assistance but in some rare cases, users are likely to suffer from uneven heartbeat, excessive vaginal bleeding, chills, fever or some allergic responses such as swelling near lips, tongue, itchiness, hives, etc. However, in some of the cases, you do not require urgent medical aid such as back pain, stomach cramps, headache, loss of appetite, dizziness, mild diarrhea, etc.

What safety measures should be conducted during the procedure?

At the second visit i.e. after completion of 7-14 days of the procedure, your health care advisor will review whether the pregnancy has successfully completed. If your body has not entirely passed the pregnancy you may be given an additional dose of Misoprostol and you may need to follow up again after 7 days to check the pregnancy status.

Avoid eating oily and fatty food while taking Mifeprex as it may lower the effects. Eat healthy food so that you may not feel weak due to excessive blood flow and body pain.