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Know the facts about administrating the abortion pills from MTP kit


Women those who detect the pregnancy during the early stage and wish to abort the pregnancy can safely use medical termination. Medical abortion is one of the recommended options which helps women to terminate the pregnancy. Before you buy abortion pills it is important that you have done the estimation of the gestation period so that it can help you know whether you can proceed with medical abortion or not. As this method is been approved for termination women do rely on termination pills for abortion.

The regimen to be followed

One of the prescribed methods to use the abortion pill is in combination. The combination pills are prescribed so that it can help women to get the successful results of termination. The dual action of the pills involved during the process helps women to get the successful results of termination.

The first pill used is Mifepristone 200mg and this pill is the primary pill which helps to block the progesterone hormones which are responsible for the pregnancy. When the essentials are not been provided to the fetus the fetus doesn’t survive and leads to separation of the fetus and uterus.

After you swallow Mifepristone pill you need to wait for 24 hours to administrate the secondary pill. This prostaglandin pill works along with the first pills ingredient and further induces contraction to the uterus and leads to the expulsion of the fetus.

Side effects

After you use the second pill from the MTP kit you can experience the symptoms of abortion after few hours which include bleeding, cramping and clotting. Other than this there are some of the side effects which are been experienced by women like nausea, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. There are chances that these side effects can get worse and hence you may need treatment to get them treated.


Before you buy MTP Kit Online make sure that you know about the administration of the abortion pill.

  • Day 1: Mifepristone 200mg orally.
  • Day 2: Misoprostol 200mcg, 4 pills.

Misoprostol from MTP kit can be administrated two ways-buccally and vaginally.


You need to take 4 pills in your cheek pouches and be sure that you dissolve this medicine completely in the mouth with the help of saliva so that it can help you to terminate the undesired pregnancy.


You need to place 4 pills in 2 batches in your vagina. Once you place the pills and be sure that you will not go to the washroom for at least half an hour as this can lead to the expelling of pills before they get dissolved.

Both the methods of administrating the abortion pills are safe but the oral method is mostly recommended.

Measures to be taken

  • While you are on MTP kit make sure that you do avoid indulging in any sort of physical labor as doing such things can interrupt the recovery process.
  • You are also prescribed that you will not make use of tampons as this can lead to infection and that’s you are asked to use sanitary pads instead of tampons.
  • Also, it is mandatory that you follow a proper diet and do intake fluids so that you will stay hydrated and do not feel weak.