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How do Abortion pills play an important role?


It is also known as Medical Abortion. These are taken from trained doctors or nurses after careful examination and at an early stage of pregnancy.

They can be taken up to 9-10 weeks and have 91-98% success rate. It is one of the safest methods for abortion. Also, the chances of having any serious problems are very rare but there can be a few risks associated.

These pills can be easily taken at home without the need for admission in a hospital. This is the safest option for unmarried single women who cannot undergo surgical removal or general anesthesia.

There are chances that the pill won’t work or the fetal tissue is still in the uterus. There can be blood clots or bleeding for a long time or too much. You can have allergic reactions from any of these medicines.

If you have really heavy bleeding for more than 2 hours; blood clots larger than the size of a lemon; have pain or cramps which is not relieved on medication; have fever over 100.5 for more than a day; or weakness/nausea/vomiting that lasts for more than 24 hours then it has to be shown to the doctor immediately. In very rare cases there can be death. Risks are not there only with abortion pills, they are there with surgical method also. Even the pregnancy and delivery of the child can be riskier than these.

The options do not end here if the pills do not succeed. This is the primary option for any women after neglecting the chances of having any risks or complications. Pills are absolutely safe and effective in almost all cases.

Abortion pills play an important role in the lives of women who did not expect to be pregnant or those who get pregnant at an early age. Also for those women who do not wish to get it done in the clinic or those who want to do it alone and at a comfortable place. It is less invasive and feels more natural making one feel like a miscarriage.

These pills do not have any effect on your fertility or increase the risk of breast cancer. It won’t also cause any problems in your future pregnancies like any birth defects or miscarriage or fetal death.

These pills being safe and important are to be taken under the supervision of a doctor and not by yourself. After doing certain examinations and making sure that the pregnancy period has not exceeded 10 weeks only then the pills are prescribed. If allergic to any of the ingredients the pills cannot be given and surgical removal will be advised. You do not have to anesthetized for taking this medicine or require a bed. After taking the pill you can carry out your day to day activities without the need of a bed.

When using these pills gather all the information on what can happen and how to take, at what intervals so that when you face any risk or side effect you can take the appropriate action.