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Facts women should know about the Abortion Pill Pack


For those women who get stressed about being pregnant, now you have various options open up to you for aborting the child. Those who think that abortion is illegal, it is wrong, it is legal up to 20 weeks and in certain important necessary situations. Though there will still be a debate and taboos going on in our country but the women have the right to abort.

For such reasons, we bring upon this Abortion Pill Pack Online which contains 2 medicines or drugs one which is to be taken orally and the other is inserted in the vagina. The names are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These pills can be taken as a substitute to surgical removal. Women can take the medicine on their own in their comfort zone or under the supervision of a physician. You will experience bleeding, abdominal discomfort and other side effects but those are normal until they last for longer than 24 hours or the situation worsens.

What a woman needs to know is under what circumstances can she undergo this process of abortion. Abortion can be done if the mother or the child pose any kind of risk. If she is molested or raped resulting in pregnancy. If it happens due to the failure of the contraception used. If the survival chances of the foetus are compromised or if it has severe abnormalities.

These pills are effective only for 9-10 weeks of gestation period after which the only solution is surgery. This is the most easiest and safest way to terminate a pregnancy at an early stage. Reports have shown that the success rate is about 90-95%.  This is found to be the safest way as the mother does not have to go to the doctor’s office.  This medical way of abortion is felt like a natural way like the same as miscarriage and is very less invasive. Any which way the first dose of the Abortion Pill Pack has to be taken at the physician’s clinic.

The effects of these pills most likely cannot be reversed but if you have the first pill and not the second one then the chances of abortion are very much decreased. Don’t make this decision on your own, you have to visit a gynaecologist, get sonography done and then the decision will be made. You have to keep yourself prepared for the pain, cramps, and bleeding after the second dose. Keep extra sanitary napkins with you and pain killers except for aspirin as it will make you bleed more. If the condition worsens then immediately report to the doctor.

Also, there is one thing you need to know which is sometimes a part of the foetal tissue remains inside the uterus. The medicine, if not worked on it, will then require surgical removal. So after the completion of the course of the Abortion pill Online, get an ultrasound done to check for any remains. Slight discomfort will be felt in this due process but you can carry out your daily activities.