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5 facts to know about the Cytotec abortion pill


Pregnancy is one of the sensitive topics and sometimes women need to terminate the pregnancy due to some health issues. It is necessary that women do take care of all the things due to her pregnancy. There are many of the cases wherein the risk is caused to the life of infant as well as mother and hence termination becomes mandatory. Hence to have safe medical termination women can order online abortion pills for termination.

There are different types of abortion which are used to have an abortion and there are two essential pills which are used for termination- Mifepristone and Cytotec.

Following are some of the facts which you need to know about Cytotec pill:

Cytotec pill is used as a remedy for abortion.

Cytotec contains Misoprostol as an active ingredient and this ingredient in the medicine helps to terminate the pregnancy. The additional use of Mifepristone with this termination pill helps women to have a successful termination. This pill not only helps women to have a termination but also works so that it can start labor and treat stomach ulcers.

Administration of abortion pill vaginally

This abortion pill is been administrated two ways-buccally and vaginally. Most of the doctors recommend using this termination pills buccally to get the effective rulers of termination. Also, some of the doctors prescribe to use this termination pill vaginally. While you are administrating this medicine vaginally you need to make sure that you use 800mcg dose wherein you are prescribed to use 4 pills each of 200mcg. If you use this pill vaginally then make sure that once your administrate this pills you do not move from the lying position.

Patients counseling is important

It is necessary that women are been educated about the Cytotec pill. Administration of the pills is to be done in the morning or the afternoon. Before you administrate these pills it is necessary that you wash your hands properly and then administrate this abortion pills. After 30 minutes of using the Cytotec pill, you are suggested to rest so that these pills can start working.

Inform the patients about the heavy bleeding

Bleeding usually occurs within 4-48 hours after the administration of the abortion pill. If you do not experience that bleeding after 48 hours then you need to repeat the doses of the abortion pills. Other than heavy bleeding you can experience the passage of blood clots and tissues. Women are suggested that they do take a rest during such time and do indulge in strenuous activity. Also, it is necessary that women are been prescribed to have someone by her side so that someone is always by her side to support and assist her.

Follow-up is important

After you order Cytotec pill and have termination with it you are suggested to visit the doctor for follow up. Follow up is one of the important parts as this helps women to conclude the termination results. There are chances that certain tissues do not get expelled completely and hence it is necessary that you do have an ultrasound to conclude the results.