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Dont want a baby, Use NuvaRing and get rid of pregnancy


Women nowadays get pregnant during early teenage. Most of the teenager and women during the age of 25 years get pregnant. To avoid such things they can use NuvaRing or vaginal ring which helps to get rid of the pregnancy. This is an excellent remedy which works as a contraceptive and helps women to get rid of the pregnancy.

NuvaRing is flexible

This is the hormone-secreting ring which is made of plastic and works similar to the birth control pills. This medicated birth control product is made with the combination of estrogen and progesterone. This ring suppresses the ovulation so that the cervix can get thicken and makes it harder for the sperm to wriggle the way to an egg. This is one of the remedies which helps you avoid pregnancy but if you use it in an imperfect manner then there are chances of pregnancy been occurring.

Do insert it vaginally

You need to place this ring vaginally and after 3 weeks of time, you can remove the ring and place the new one after 7 days. You can place this ring similarly like you place tampons and it pops up in the right place. This ring works effectively for 28 days after being placed but you are supposed to remove it after three weeks and wait for 7 days and then place the fresh one. The week sans hormones allows you to have a period which helps you know that you are pregnant.

It is a great option

Many of the women are put on the hormonal pill so that they can avoid the pregnancy but they sometimes do forget. Women those who forgot to use the pillon daily basis can use this option. This ring even though is not a birth control pill but still effects you in the same manner.

Be comfortable while placing the ring

Before you order NuvaRing make sure that you do know the process of placing it and removing it. You need to place this ring in your vagina and during the initial stage, you may feel a bit odd. The placing as well as removal is easy but definitely during the beginning you feel like you are scrounging. While you place the ring, remove the ring or whenever your finger comes in contact with vagina make sure to wash your hands. If you find too much of vagina touching then you need to use birth control pills to get rid of the pregnancy.

The side effects are as similar to the pills

The NuvaRing works similar to the pills and it also do have some of the side effects like a pill. The great effects after using this ring are fewer cramps, lighter period and clear skin. But there are side effects which can be experienced like vaginal dryness, lower libido and increase or decrease in blood clots and stroke.

Periods as well can be avoided with the help of this ring

NuvaRing is specifically designed for preventing pregnancy but many of the people use it to avoid periods. If you do not want to have periods at all then you can place another ring immediately after removing the first one. The only issue which you can face is breakthrough bleeding.