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Do not face fearful surgical abortion, Use Generic RU486

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Abortion has always been a controversial topic in society and every person in a society judge's women in a different way. No women would like to terminate the pregnancy without any reasons and we would never know the reason behind abortion. So it is necessary that we do not interfere with the decision of women.

There are many of the women those who prioritize her career as an option and prefer termination of pregnancy. Many of the women do not want to be a single mother and choose termination as the option. Abortion looks simple but it is not easy for women to decide about termination and on the second note the abortion process creates fear in the mind of women.

What are abortion pills and how can the abortion pills make it easy?

There are various pills used for abortion pills are been sold under many other brands. You can order Generic RU486 and use it in combination with Misoprostol so that it can help women to have successful results of termination.

Generic RU486 contains the same ingredients which are present in Mifepristone and the anti-progesterone elements in this medicine are the one which works so that the pregnancy hormones can be blocked. This abortion pill causes fetal death by breaking the uterus lining of the uterus.

There are cases wherein women use Generic RU486 pills alone but as per FDA, you need to use this Mifepristone pill along with Misoprostol pill to get the successful results of termination. If you are using this Mifepristone alone then you need to increase the doses of this pill so that it can help women to terminate the pregnancy.

What if the pills do not work effectively?

Generic RU486 sometimes can result in incomplete termination and if the use of this abortion pill do not lead to bleeding then you need to use Misoprostol pills. This Misoprostol pills will contract the uterus and dispel the fetus from the body.

Both these pills work hand in hand so that the process can give you successful results of termination. If the combination of pills do fail to give the desired results then you need to seek medical help for the same.

Safety measure

  • While using Generic RU486 you need to make sure that the gestation period of your pregnancy is not more than 7 weeks.
  • If you are allergic to the ingredients of this termination pill then you need to restrict the use of this medicine.
  • If you have ectopic pregnancy then you need to strictly restrict the use of this medicine for termination.
  • If you consume alcohol or are addicted to alcohol then while on this pill for termination you need to make sure that you avoid the consumption of liquor.
  • Due to bleeding women may prefer to use tampons and inserting anything in the vagina can lead to infection. Hence women are suggested that they do restrict the use of tampons and use sanitary pads.
  • If women do have any of the medical condition then they are restricted to make use of these pills.