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Cytotec tablet gives a more peaceful abortion journey


This termination pill is a synthetic steroidal prostaglandin E1 that retains the antisecretory properties as well as the properties of mucosal protective properties. This was initially used to get rid of gastric ulcers and later it was discovered to be an effective medication for pregnancy termination. This was discovered as an abortifacient when it was seen to develop uterine contractions during its ingestion. Women buy Cytotec online to terminate pregnancy almost up to 10 weeks when used with mifepristone.

Details of the Cytotec tablet

This abortion pill has an active ingredient as Misoprostol that is the prostaglandin part of this abortion pill. There are also some inert ingredients like hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose sodium starch glycolate, microcrystalline cellulose. You should order Cytotec online only after focusing on the ingredients that are present in the pill so that you are aware whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the pill pack.

How does this abortion pill work in getting an abortion?

When this prostaglandin is used to boost uterine contractions then the vaginal administration of this pill allows it to work as a cervical ripening agent. When the cervical mucus starts ripening the entire pregnancy parts get diluted and the entire pregnancy gets barred away in the form of vaginal discharge. The entire myometrial starts shedding until the entire abortion takes place properly.

What is the dosage structure of this pill?

One Cytotec tablet is of 200mcg and you may require 10 to 12 pills to terminate unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy days should not be more than 8 weeks. The pills should be taken sublingually by keeping the pills under the tongue and allowing to get dissolved so that the ingredient easily combines with the blood. You can take 4 pills at a time or can take two pills at a time as per your convenience. You need to keep a gap of about 3 hours within the consumption of the 2 dosages.

Few contraindications of the prostaglandin pill

You should avoid the intake of magnesium in any form as the laxative effect of diarrhea triggers the problem of diarrhea. Grapefruit also is a restriction when taking as this increases the vaginal bleeding. This Misoprostol pill does not react with ibuprofen but it does react with aspirin. It is recommended to take dosage up to 800mg of ibuprofen to alleviate any pain that is suffered due to abdominal cramps during an abortion. You can also purchase online Cytotec if you are falling short of any dosage.

Few precautionary steps

Remove the IUD device before starting with the dosage structure of this abortion pill and you need to first confirm your pregnancy type. If the pregnancy is tubal or ectopic then this prostaglandin does not work and the only option is to get a surgical abortion done.

The side-effects of Cytotec tablet

You will face cramping and you will also face vaginal bleeding, none of the side-effects is something to be worried about and there are medications that will allow you to decrease the side-effects. Normally you will pass blood clots but if the clots are larger than a lemon then its matter of concern and you need to get the visit the doctor at the earliest

There are restrictions on your movement as the uterine lining is thinning at this point in time and may lead to problems like rupturing.