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Buy plan B one step online with official approval from FDA


The progestin-only emergency contraceptive pill is the pill that helps to refrain from unintended pregnancy after the failure of having protected sex. Buy Plan B one step online contraceptive pill with 1.5 mg of a dose which contains levonorgestrel.

This pill is also famous by the name morning after pill that has efficacy as high as 75 – 89% when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. The earlier you take the pill the higher are the chances to refrain from pregnancy.

FDA's approval with one-step emergency contraceptive

  • In the year 2013 June 20 U.S Food and Drug Administration announced that one can order Plan b one-step online and this can be issued without any prescription for women who are willing to delay pregnancy.
  • The FDA was notified from a United States District Court judge to allow the sale of over the counter product and with no restrictions on its sale irrespective of the age and till the woman is capable of giving birth to a baby.
  • As per Janet Woodcock, the M.D director of the FDA's center for drug evaluation and research hew over the counter sale of this safe contraceptive can help woman refrain from the problem of uninvited pregnancy and decrease the rates of unintended pregnancy in the state.
  • This will also safeguard the woman from undergoing an abortion and they will not require to buy abortion pills and bear the unnecessary pain of terminating a pregnancy.
  • This action was taken with the district court of New York placing the order of making levonorgestrel to be available over the counter for women who are of birth-giving age.
  • This was allowed without prescription for a woman who was above the age of 17 and older as with prescription for a woman of age 15 or above. In 2013 this was allowed to be given to woman above the age of 15 and thus it now can be used by any woman of reproductive potential at any age. You can buy plan b one step online without any prescription without any age.

Few things that plan B one step does not support

This does not stop a pregnancy when a woman is expecting and there is no medical evidence that has proved that this will harm the fetus. This product is not a protection against any sexually transmitted disease like HIV or AIDS.  

How to take the pills?

If you are taking this pill then it is better to take this pill immediately the next morning after having unprotected sex and mostly in the morning.

Only one dose of this pill is supposed to be taken and you should not take two pills for more protection as this will make you more nauseous.

Any side-effects of plan-B

This pill does not have any side-effects as this pill is supposed to be completely safe and neither does it show any kind of serious side-effects and hence you can buy plan B one step online without any worries. The only problem that you may confront on a rare basis is nausea or tender breasts, at times a bit swollen ones.  Some may suffer from a headache or fatigue or suffer from the problem of dizziness. All these are rare and transient which normally occurs with the first use.