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Abortion pill pack for manageable and successful pregnancy termination.


Abortion pill online mainly used for medical abortion which is more of a natural way and is also known as the safest way to manage the pregnancy. Usually, in surgical abortion, the instruments are used which makes the procedure very traumatizing for the patient. In medical abortion, the treatment does not require any instruments and is done only with the help of drugs which can be administered orally. Before experiencing the procedure it is important to have complete knowledge about the period in which medical abortion can be considered. The drugs for medical abortion are only effective if used in 70 days from the last day of the menstrual cycle. If taken after 70 days then it may not show its complete effect. Therefore, it’s never advised to take these pills after the recommended time. To avoid the risks, it is necessary to follow the instructions given by the health care experts before receiving any medicines.

What does the abortion pill pack contain in it?

The pack consists of 1 tablet of mifepristone, 4 tablets of misoprostol along with additional tablets like tablet ondansetron, tablet Zofran, tablet flexon MR and also tablet ethamsylate. The dosage of every tablet is different which is mentioned below according to each tablet,

1 Mifepristone - 200 mg

4 Misoprostol – 200 mcg each

Ondansetron – 4 mg

Zofran – 4 mg

Flexon-Mr – 250 mg

Ethamsylate – 250 mg

How does the medicine work in the body and how does the body reacts to the pills?

Mifepristone is the pill that alters the release of progesterone hormone which plays a very important role in pregnancy. With the help of the drug, the release of this hormone is concluded from reaching the uterus to terminate the process of pregnancy for a successful abortion. As soon as the process is stopped by ceasing the hormone into the uterus, the fetus is removed from the placenta by stimulating with the help of the other pill called Misoprostol. Misoprostol is a drug that leads to cervical contractions. This makes the uterus to expel the dissolved fetus tissue (endometrium) from the vagina. Along with this Zofran or ondansetron which is an antiemetic drug for vomiting. Flexon-Mr is an anti-inflammatory drug that will take complete care of the pain during medical abortion. Ethamsylate is used to control excessive bleeding and make abortion a less weakening procedure.

Steps to follow while taking the pill:

Tab. Zofran or ondansetron is advised to be taken before receiving Mifepristone. Mifepristone is the first pill that should be consumed with water and after 24 hours the 2 pills of misoprostol should be administered by sublingual route i.e. by keeping the pills under the tongue until it gets dissolved in the mouth. Another 2 pills which are remaining should be taken after 3 hours in the same way. Flexon-Mr should be taken once the contractions or pain is noticed. If you notice excessive bleeding then you can take ethamsylate to control the bleeding.

Any adverse effects which are usually noticed after taking the pill?

There are no major side effects that are noticed after using the abortion pill pack. It itself is a very harmless way to abort a child because of the multiple medications available in the pack to reduce the uneasiness during and after the treatment. There are some side effects that are commonly noticed after medical abortion is vaginal bleeding, cramps, vomiting, fever and sometimes also gastrointestinal problems. Still, before taking any medications it is always advised to visit a doctor and go for the treatment to avoid any complications.

Safety measures to keep in mind before the abortion:

This pill pack does not work in ectopic pregnancy, so, the complete check-up should be done before the treatment. This type of abortion should not be done at home if you are below 18 years or above 40 years of age and also in the presence of any major medical history. No device should be present in the uterus during medical abortion so that the chances of infection and pain can be avoided.

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