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  • Abortion pill pack- The remedy to terminate and manage all the side effects of abortion

Abortion pill pack- The remedy to terminate and manage all the side effects of abortion


Due to unwanted pregnancy women, medical termination of pregnancy was considered as an appropriate option for terminating an undesired pregnancy. Medical termination is an easy process which helps women to terminate the pregnancy at home corners. Women prefer to buy online abortion pill pack as this method of termination is self-induced and can be performed without seeking help from the healthcare provider.

Ultrasound test

An ultrasound test can be one of the vital factors which is helpful. Before you use pregnancy termination tablets she can have an ultrasound test conducted so that she can get to a conclusion about the pregnancy as well as the gestation period. This method also helps you to know whether she has an ectopic pregnancy or not. After going through the process of abortion you must have an ultrasound test after 14-20 days of utilizing these unwanted pregnancy termination pills.

Abortion pill pack

Abortion pill pack is one of the most known abortion pack which helps women to terminate the unwanted pregnancy as well helps to manage the side effects. This pack is used by women due to extra pills available in it for managing the side effects.

Contents of the abortion pill pack


This is an anti-progesterone pill which is consumed prior. This medicine works so that the fetus is not been provided with the essentials and results in separating of the fetus. Once the fetus gets separated it becomes easy for the further pill to cause abortion.


This pill is a prostaglandin pill and this pill leads to the dilation of the cervix and contraction of the uterus which leads to abortion. While you consume this particular abortion pill you need to dilute this pill with the use of your saliva so that it can help you end the undesired pregnancy.


After using Misoprostol pill you can experience nausea and vomiting and Zofran pill helps you to manage the side effects. This pill alters the chemicals which lead to the side effects of nausea and vomiting.


Due to contraction of the uterus women do experience stomach cramp and pain and hence to go easy with these side effects you can use Flexon-MR which helps in managing these side effects.


Misoprostol leads to heavy bleeding and sometimes the bleeding gets excessive and hence to manage the side effects you can use Ethamsylate pill. This medicine relaxes the capillaries and controls the bleeding due to which the heavy bleeding can be managed easily.

Expected symptoms and side effects

After using the abortion pill pack you can some of the symptoms like bleeding, cramping, feeling of fatigue and clotting.

Side effects due to the pills from the abortion pill pack

•             Mifepristone: diarrhea, constipation, fever, body aches, excessive or prolonged bleeding.

•             Misoprostol: vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and chills.

•             Zofran: constipation, hiccups or rashes.

•             Flexon-MR: indigestion and drowsiness

•             Ethamsylate: fever in some cases.



•             Alcohol and smoke should be strictly prohibited while on the termination pill

•             Ectopic pregnancy cannot be terminated with this pills hence do avoid using it.

•             Please make use of sanitary pads is suggested.

•             If you are undergoing through any chronic health problems or are allergic reactions to the ingredients

              present in the pills then please do avoid the consumption of this medicine.