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What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is an international Inc that helps to transfer money globally in an innovative manner. This money gram organization is the second largest organization in the world that helps to transfer money all over the world and is highly recognized all over because of its security and fast payment transfer mode. This is a USA based company whose headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas and there are regional offices that are scattered worldwide. This company operates over 200 nations globally where it provides its business by setting a network of agents and setting network with various financial institutions.

The parent organizations of these vast operating organizations are MoneyGram payment system Inc, MoneyGram international holdings and the subsidiaries are MoneyGram payment system worldwide Inc. this way of money transfer is beneficial for all those who do not have a bank account or who do not wish to use their personal account or disclose their details of personal bank account. The services of money gram are normally money transfers, money orders, and bill payments. They claim to operate on 3, 50,000 locations all over the world. So the mode of transfer becomes very easy through this method.

Why should you send your money through MoneyGram?

MoneyGram has huge number of business operating with them and so it is very easy to send the money through online transfer, moreover it is a fast way of transactions as there are many send and receive options through which transactions can be settled and the key factor is that the money as well your information can be sent with complete reliability.

What are the different ways through which one can send money through MoneyGram?

1. Send through online transaction

  • The first task is to select a receiver to whom you wish to send your money. You need to mention then the necessary information such as what is the sum of money that you are going to transfer and what way of payment option does the receiver want.
  • You now need to select your mode of payment whether you wish to pay through debit card credit card or transfer directly from your bank account.
  • Once the above process is done you need to write a little information about yourself so that we can have a reliability check and we can verify your identity. After the information is given you can review your details and then click on send money.

2. Send money with the help of a person

  • Your first and foremost task is that you need to find a nearest money gram location where you can reach conveniently.
  • You need to carry along with yourself little information such as your full name and I.D along with the name of your recipient that matches the ID of the recipient that they will produce while collecting the money.  You need to also provide the correct recipient address or the location of the recipient. You have to bring the exact money that you are willing to pay the recipient along with the fees.
  • Your last procedure will be to hand over the recipient the 8 digit code that you will be getting so that you can the person can easily pick up the money from the location

3. Send money to the bank account

  • Firstly you need to select your receiver and send the name of the receiver which is maintained in the bank accounts.
  • You have to select the option of “account deposit” that flashes on your screen and you need to enter the amount you wish to send.
  • 6you have to then choose the mode of the transaction whether you wish to pay through your debit card or through your credit card. If you are sending money to any other country you will also get the currency exchanges rate flashing on your screen
  • You have to provide your information so for your identity verification
  • You have to provide the details of the recipient with proper name and the bank account details when you have fed the proper information you should review your information and then click on send.

4. Send money through mobile wallet

  • You have to first select your receiver and then decide on how much you have to pay to your recipient you need to feed the exact mobile number of your receiver with the proper international dial code.
  • You will be presented the receive option as soon as you feed the mobile number and you need to select “account deposit” here you need to enter the amount that you are willing to pay.
  • You can choose the option to pay either through means of a debit card or through credit card.
  • You have to enter a bit of information about yourself so that your verification is done easily. Remember to review the details and then send the money.

5. Send your money with MoneyGram mobile pass

  • You need to give the entire information on whom you are willing to send the money, how is the recipient’s amount and from what location they are willing to receive the money.
  • You need to select your nearest MoneyGram location and then you can easily complete the transaction within 24 hours, just you need to give your name and payment to the associate.

6. Send money through MoneyGram Sendbot

  • You can find MoneyGram Sendbot on Facebook or Facebook messenger app
  • You need to select the correct options by clicking on the “get started” to activate the MoneyGram Sendbot and then you have to select the money to be sent.
  • As MoneyGram Sendbot is currently available to MoneyGram customers having an online account for MoneyGram so you need it login to your MoneyGram account
  • You have to follow the steps that are directed to complete your transactions.

7. Send money through MoneyGram kiosk

  • You need to fill up your details of the transactions on your touch screen kiosk by feeding the details of the receiver and the amount you want to send and from what location
  • You need to visit the nearest store cashier to pay the cost of your transaction where you need to give your details and the amount to be given
  • You will be given an 8 digit number for your reference which you need to give your receiver.